13 thoughts on “(Expletive Deleted) Bruins Win In Overtime”

  1. Skeeter, it was a good goal. Reminded me a little of Sittler’s goal in the Canada Cup only from the other side. Originally I thought Hall in Edmonton was going to be much better than Seguin but I’ve changed my mind.

  2. The Bruins do love their game 7s don’t they? You’d think they’d have learned their lesson by now and try to avoid it. I think they’ll advance unless Holtby pulls off a miracle. The Caps look flat (reminds me of us this season) so they’ll need a miracle to win this one.

  3. Dennis, I think you may be right about Hall and Seguin. I do think that Hall has a bit more pressure on him since he doesn’t have the same caliber of players around him.

  4. Skeeter, Hall seemed to have flair and got out of the starting gate faster. But Seguin took his time and is now becoming a key guy for the Bruins for sure. My hope, as a Habs fan, is that we can land an impact guy like him in the upcoming draft. Did you see that sign a couple of girls held up at a recent game, about them reminding Seguin that they had performed oral sex on him in college? And the photo showed Seguin skating by and laughing like crazy. It was pretty funny.

  5. Dennis, I did get a kick out of that photo. Good luck with the draft, do you have an idea who the Habs are pursuing?

  6. Skeeter, I wish I knew. About six names are tossed about, some people want a defenceman, others a goal scorer. Whoever it will be, I just hope he becomes a star for many years. I’m also focussed on seeing Scott Gomez leave as soon as possible.

  7. From my understanding the “oral sex” version of the sign was a photoshop. Although not quite as LOL funny, I think the “I wish I only got two minutes for hooking” original was more clever. Damn, I hate writing something nice about Bruin fans.

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