Expecting Just A Few Things From The Habs In New Jersey

Would we be asking too much if we asked this of the Habs in their Wednesday night tilt in New Jersey?

Other lines help out in the scoring. What we’ve been seeing recently is Mike Cammalleri, Tomas Plekanec and Andrei Kostitsyn doing most of the point-getting, along with Marc-Andre Bergeron from the blueline. Throw in Glen Metropolit as well. One line-plus just isn’t good enough. Scott Gomez has to get going in particular, and guys who have been way too quiet like Maxim Lapierre, Travis Moen, Max Pacioretty and Sergei Kostityn have to start helping out more. Good teams are well-balanced, and the Habs aren’t right now.

Noticeably less penalties would be nice, especially the bone-headed type like we saw from Metropolit and Scott Gomez recently, along with the type Ryan O’Byrne has been called for because he loses a step and has to grab and hook. And in the final minute of the game, please don’t do anything that could be even close to be called.

Stellar netminding by Carey Price. Price has been mostly excellent in the past month or more, with only a few bad goals getting by him which he absolutely should have stopped. Those bad goals have to be eliminated. Against the Devils, we want Price to play like an all-star, and I won’t even bring up the SO word, which is way overdue.

No one gets hurt. It’s almost like every game we expect somebody to go down. There’s been so many injuries this year, starting with Andrei Markov in the very first game of the season, and now we wait for Markov, Paul Mara and Brian Gionta to hurry up and get back. So no more injuries.

Shoot lots. Seldom do we outshoot the enemy. Shoot from all angles. Shoot, shoot, shoot. It worked for Rocket Richard, it’ll work for you too.

Win. The team has lost their last three, and four would be a four-letter word.

None of this is too much to ask, is it? More guys doing the scoring, less penalty-taking, stellar goaltending, nobody gets hurt, shoot more, and win. Sounds reasonable to me.

4 thoughts on “Expecting Just A Few Things From The Habs In New Jersey”

  1. Well Dennis, maybe it’s a wee bit too much to ask. Unless Gainey can pull a decent winger out of his butt for Gomez, nothing will improve on that line until Gionta comes back.

    We can’t say SO or softy during the game……I hope Price will be motivated to try and beat Brodeur in the goaltending battle.

    I think Metro has been moved to the fourth line as punishment for said bone-headed penalty. He’s not a dummy, he should behave tonight.

    You’re right, we do need to win this one. The leafs are only steps behind us, crap.crap.crap.

  2. Not for the first time TSN doesn’t even have the MTL game on their score page. Bunch of putzes. With as bad as TO has been forever and yet always on TSN can you imagine how much crap we’ll have to suffer through if they ever start winning?

  3. Today I was less concerned about Price and his season’s first shutout than I was about Brodeur getting yet another one. He’s had enough against Montreal, let him set the all-time record against someone else.

  4. Oh, if Toronto makes some kind of magical move and ends up in the playoffs and the Habs don’t, I’m going to dig a big hole and crawl in. And you’re right, TSN and CBC will be having orgasms.

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