Expect Some Nastiness

For the Canadiens to be successful in game two, it will all depend on how quickly they adjust to Boston’s change of plans. You just know that the Bruins will attempt to create more havoc in front of Carey Price, and it’s up to the Habs to eat some spinach, flex some muscle, and not take any of the guff which will probably take place. If the Bruins aren’t feistier in this second game, it would be downright weird.

Stay out of the penalty box, and get a nice game from everyone. Like we saw in the opener. 

How great would it be to win again?

However, if the turtle isn’t careful, I’m sending Gaston to pay a little visit. I’m not happy with the reptile right now.

14 thoughts on “Expect Some Nastiness”

  1. I don’t think it was fair start. When you first see Gerry he’s already aimed towards the Bruins logo. I’m a bit disappointed that he would eat lettuce that has touched the Bruins logo, but he is just a turtle. He also needs as much energy for the partying after the Habs win game 2.

  2. Christopher, I’m more concerned what Gaston’s going to do to Gerry. Gaston’s already spent time in San Quentin (And I have the picture to almost prove it), and going back to the joint isn’t a problem. Because as much as Gaston is an asshole, he’s stiull a huge Habs fan.

  3. Well Dennis, I’m not too worried, so long as Gerry La Tortue goes and eats that delicious Habs lettuce 15 more times.

    I had a feeling these series would be tighter than a turtle’s @sshole.

  4. You guys are sounding ridiculous with your worries over a predictive tortoise.

    When the world was transfixed by the ability of Paul the Psychic German Octopus to predict World Cup football results we all understood the depth of history that these little 8 legged fellas had in the footballing world.

    But turtles and hockey?

    And no Plekanec’s curious prediliction for turtle neck sweaters doesn’t count because they don’t make ’em out of turtles any more.

  5. Story to the right shows there may be a little less nastiness tonight. After not being able to keep up with Montreal all Thursday evening, Chara spent Friday in the hospital. On the other hand, since he’ll likely play, and if he can’t keep up he may resort to the cheap shots again.

  6. boston can do whatever they want in game 2, but they’re done like dinner. This series will be a 4 game sweep for the habs. You have to take into account the Julien factor. Clueless Claude always starts off strongly in each city that he goes to, then eventually hits a wall that he just can’t get his teams over. He’s always behind the learning curve, figuring thing out only after the fans and media types have figured them out. Thomas Kaberle didn’t want to take a possible bodycheck from brian gionta, so he coughs up the puck to nobody in particular, then skates right past Gionta, leading to the key opening goal in game one. Combine that with the fact that Kaberle has been terrible for the last 6 weeks, and he should get a trip to the press box. It is unacceptable that a player, at this time of year, is unwilling to pay the price. Of course, Kaberle will be in the lineup in game 2. So will Michael Ryder who’s been stinking out the joint against Montreal. So will Tim Thomas who was asleep on the game’s first goal, and terrible on the game’s second goal. Thomas has a glittering l0-l9 record against Montreal, if we count wins and losses correctly. These stats are available to clueless Claude, but he couldn’t interpret them anyway, so what’s the use? Did anybody see how nervous he was before the first game, and how jittery he was at the post-game press conference. This guy and his team can’t win becvause they know they can’t.

  7. Mike, I hope you’re right about the sweep but I don’t think it’s going to happen. But I hope you’re right.

  8. Hey Gerry La Tortue should have listened to Toe Blake. Predictions are for Gypsies!

    Maybe he was just pulling our leg.

    Two games in the Bruins own barn!

    Wow wow wow!

  9. Now, Danno, we want number three and then complete the noose-tightening with number four.

  10. Dennis, do you feel a little better about a sweep now? Julien has completely melted down. Now, he’s blaming the refs. Was it a referee who put Tim Thomas back in nets? Thomas messed the bed on both the first and third goals by the Habs. On the series, Thomas has faced almost 25 fewer shots than Price, but has somehow managed to give up 5 times the number of goals. After the game, Thomas was blaming his teammates lack of goal-scoring. Of course, it’s not easy when your goalie can’t make one save or control one rebound, and you’re always playing catch-up. Nothing penetrates Julien’s thick skull, so he still hasn’t noticed that Thomas, Ryder, Boychuk, Lucic, and Kaberle are stinking out the joint. The Canadiens did a masterful scouting job on the Bruins. They must have noticed in the film room that the Bruins have too much of a gap between their defence and their forwards. When boston’s defence passes the puck d to d in their own end, the Bruin forwards tend to go for skates beyond centre ice. Montreal’s defence is stepping in front of the Bruin forwards, cutting off the passes, and scoring on the transition. By the time clueless Claude figures out what the Habs are doing, he’ll have been swept 4 straight and received a long overdue pink slip. Julien does’t have to worry, though. There is a market for coaches who have been fired 3 times, proving that you can be stupid and financially independent at the same time.

  11. Mike, a sweep looks better but it’s not over yet. All I know is, Julien isn’t getting the most out of his players and it’s a beautiful thing. You’re right, I think he’ll be toast too if they lose, which they will. And Thomas is being outplayed by the guy at the other end, the one Thomas shunned at the all-star game.

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