8 thoughts on “Except For Warm Weather, Cold Beer, And The Olympics, There’s Nothing Going On Anyway”

  1. Dennis,

    You know I’ve been an advocate of a shortened NHL season, your shirt flies in the face of this logic. I think around a 60 game schedule would be just about right. What says you?

    I think the Canucks would be crazy to sign Sundin for the kind of money they’re offering, but he’d be a decent addition at the right price.

    It’s good to read your blog again with the improved domain name! Be good to me and I might even click on an ad!


  2. Lawrence. I don’t want a shortened season. I just want a lot of games played between teams that aren’t in non-hockey cities, like in Florida, Arizona, and Tennesee. I’d even go for MORE games if they were in hockey-mad places like the Canadian and northern US cities, plus Winnipeg, Hamilton, Saskatoon, Quebec City, Halifax etc. Then we’d have barn burners on a regular basis.

  3. DK,

    Why would you be good to an uber-canucklehead such as Lawrence? Unless he pays you. Make him pay you. Lots. In return promise to occasionaly agree with some of the dopey things he says. Of course, promises to lower life forms are not binding.

  4. Dennis,

    Here’s an excerpt from a Wikipedia entry on trolls:

    An Internet troll, or simply troll in Internet slang, is someone who posts controversial and usually irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum or chat room, with the intention of baiting other users into an emotional response[1] or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion

    Sounds familiar?


  5. To Der Habinator,not everyone agrees on all subjects but you need to lighten up,nasty and disrespectful comments detract from some of your well thought out posts Lets all try to stay on topic and respect the fact others may disagree.DK has a great Blog and it’s up to ALL of us to keep it that way !!!!
    Les Canadiens Sont La !!!!!

  6. DK,

    So, once again my intial entry has been `wiped’. No matter. It’s not like I spend all sorts of time `thinking’ about what I’m gonna say. Uhuh. Veni. Vide. Verbi! Good to see that you’ve pegged Lawrence as a `Troll’. He is a provoker, indeed.


    I’m embarrassed NOT BY you, but FOR you. UH? Lawrence is some kind of real life collective `Three Little Pigs’ who needs defending from big baaaad `Wolfy’ me? I’m sure the dopey canucklehead can take care of himself. And, need I list all the shit that really is nasty? How’s about the rape of the forests? the ocean? the earth? somebody who doesn’t even want to be touched by you? How’s about ugly little verminous ideological gangsters who convince themselves they have the right (always, of course, in the name of virtue, to visciously assault anybody who disagrees with them – do Nazis amongst a myriad of others come to mind?. How’s about the pathetic little shits who feel inadequate and so strike – usually slanderously -out (always in gangs, of course) at anybody who dares not conform to their power-tripping agenda? How’s about accusing somebody of a `doll fetish’, of playing with his dolls every night? UH? I could go on but I think/hope you get the point. So, Mike, LIGHTEN UP! Stop being NASTY! Hey, you want me to stop baffing my `leeetle catneeep meeeces’ around, aka Lawrence & la P? Hey, no problemo. But THINK ABOUT IT! Hey, if you wanna feel `noble’ send some moola to my fund to protect Gaston from the evil lascious? certainly inimical clutches of DK.

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