Excellent Hockey On An Excellent Day

Luciena and I went for a long walk on Sunday afternoon, it was sunny and my beer gut needs exercise, and we ended up at the arena to see the BCHL Powell River Kings and Victoria Grizzlies do battle in a lively tilt that saw Victoria score in overtime to win 4-3.

These kids are awesome. There’s some huge guys out there, 6’5 and such, and in general, everybody skates like the wind and some of them can rifle a shot like almost anyone in the bigs. They’re not quite up to Shea Weber and a few others maybe, but you know what I mean.

These teenagers are serious hockey players, some, from time to time will end up in the NHL, and many are offered great hockey scholarships to Canadian and US schools.

I don’t go to these games enough and I should. It’s very enjoyable, it’s 15 bucks, and you get a birds-eye view.

I do have one complaint though. The Powell River Paper Kings, as they were called ten or twenty years ago, wore Habs uniforms, with a “P” instead of the CH. It was kind of like seeing the Baby Habs out there. But alas, ten years ago or so they switched to green, white, and gold, the same colours as the senior Regals, and that was it for the beautiful Habs uniform.

Here’s what they looked like. It was glorious.

At the rink, I also noticed these signs on the steps. It’s one of the last reminders of the little sports bar my friend and I once owned here in this great little town. It hasn’t been ours in more than a decade but it’s still slightly bittersweet to see these little signs and to know that the place closed its doors, probably permanently, a couple of months ago.

9 thoughts on “Excellent Hockey On An Excellent Day”

  1. Fifteen dollars for a ticket – Went on ticket stub for Phoenix Coyotes tickets as I was curious what their prices were & found out tickets start at three dollars & up…….

  2. Hey Dennis,I never saw the Paper kings plat,but I think I remember telling you I watched the Regals play on my first trip to Powell River in 73,they were a good hockey team and I was quite impressed.Next time I come to Powell River you will have to show where that old bar of yours is located,I may have been in there when I was playing with Gold River oltimers a few years ago.

  3. We’ll show you, Derry. It was in two places. after she bought it from she moved it. But I always liked the older and smaller place.

  4. Dennis – Great post about local hockey and enjoying the intensity of a close game. Go back again! Loved your comments.

  5. I think Columbus offers team t-shirts with hot dogs and drinks (free!) with the purchase of a ticket. If only we had it here.

    $5 a ticket is a dream. I’d go to every game that I could. Heck, you could easily be a season ticket holder and brag to everyone about it (naturally keeping the circumstances hushed up, but still).

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