Ex-Hab Courtnall Looking To Sell His Crib

Ex-Hab, (and Leaf, North Star, Dallas Star, Canuck, Ranger, and King), Russ Courtnall, along with his wife, actress Paris Vaughn, have their house in California up for sale, listed at 8.5 million. Just be aware that if you’re interested, your property tax bill is 1.25 % of the value, which is somewhere around $106,000 annually.

Thanks to Jerry, near San Jose, for reading the real estate section of his local paper which lists celebrity homes for sale in California, and passing this on to me. The link to the L.A. Times feature can be seen right here.

2 thoughts on “Ex-Hab Courtnall Looking To Sell His Crib”

  1. What a shabby dump. Honestly, how can I enjoy life in a shack like this? It’s far beneath my standards. I mean, come on, really? Unacceptable.

    That property tax alone is a killer. Ouch!

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