Everybody And Their Four Points

If you have anything else going on right now, don’t bother to read this post. It’s quite stupid.

If Montreal can beat Washington, Washington will continue to have zero points, as will Philadelphia if they lose to the Rangers tonight. Montreal will have 4 points, the same as Toronto if the Leafs can lose to the Islanders, who will also jump up to 4 points. The Rangers will have 4 points with their thumping of the Flyers, and if Carolina can beat Buffalo, the Hurricanes will finally have two points while Buffalo would remain at 4, the same as Montreal. Florida can leap to 4 points if they can handle the Sens, who would stay at 4.

Got that?

Go Habs. It’s only game three but it’s a big game. We’d only be one point behind the first-place Bruins, who have five points. Although if the Leafs, Sabres, and Sens all win their games, they’ll have six points each and jump ahead of Boston.



11 thoughts on “Everybody And Their Four Points”

  1. BlueBayou, he might know the way. If he doesn’t, he can always buy a GPS if he can afford it. I expect Gomez to do nothing for the Sharks. And everybody keeps saying how 700 grand is a good deal. Imagine getting his six or so million from the Habs, plus an extra 700 grand on top of that. All this for being a lousy player. Something’s wrong when it pays to suck.

  2. That’s almost immoral Gomez being rewarded 700,000 dollars based on his past couple of years where he got 7,000,000 dollars a year…

    700,000 ..the salary of 2 top notch doctors in our society…Makes you think….

  3. Dennis, you forgot the other “four”.

    The one the Leafs shout out before any other team:


    Sorry LFIO I couldn’t resist. The devil made me do it šŸ™‚

  4. Dennis, i think you have too much time on your hands. You must be rich. Otherwise with that kind of research, try ‘sports action.’ šŸ™‚

  5. I’m back. Sorta, kinda. Never really left, I guess. Standing outside in the cold, cupping my hands, pressed against the window, looking in. How can I stay away? It’s in my blood, Le bleu et blanc swims in the rouge.

    Besides, I’ve amassed 155 comments now, can’t let someone like Hobo surpass me.

    Go Habs. Destroy.

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