Enjoy It, Firefighters, It’s Going North Next Year

Am I wrong to do this? Is it sacrilegious for a Habs fan to post pictures of Boston fans enjoying the Stanley Cup?

Maybe not if they’re firefighters. Because firefighters go into burning buildings and come back out with babies and kids and grandmas and pets. They risk their lives and are heroes. Yes, these guys are Bruins fans and that’s unacceptable, and if they’re hardcore Bruins fans, they probably also hate the Habs.

But they do a big job and I’ve decided to show them. Anyway, it’s the only chance they’ll ever get to see the Cup. Montreal firefighters are up next.

Thanks to Diane in Salem, Mass for sending these.

7 thoughts on “Enjoy It, Firefighters, It’s Going North Next Year”

  1. diane must be one hot piece of chicken to get you to post bruins fans celebrating…………… what the hell, they deserve it………….. how did brad marchant’s shnozola get on the front of the shrewsbury truck?

  2. Great pictures Diane!

    The Montreal Firefighters love their Habs don’t mind showing it…

  3. Dennis, I don’t think they are Bruin fans. A Bruin fan would never recognize the Stanley Cup, they see it so rarely. Also except for the one schlub in pyjama shorts, flip-flops and a Bruins’ Tshirt, the rest look much too respectable to be Bruin fans. The schlub, he looks like someone who wouldn’t let a Hab fan piss in peace.

  4. Thanks Dennis, you really are going beyond your comfort zone. I sent these to you just to show everyday people enjoying the Stanley Cup. (Not to brag, I’m a good hockey fan!)

    Anyway, the Stanley Cup will be in Canada for most of the summer since we all know the BEST hockey players are Canadian. Ole Ole!

  5. Danno, thanks for sharing that clip of Montreal firefighters supporting Les Canadiens! Wonderful!!

  6. DK, I think the spelling on the truck was a misprint it should read we’ll Bury the Shrews!
    Cheers from the East!!!!

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