End That Streak, Boys

Habs tackle the Rangers tonight, a team going for their 8th straight win, which would equal their longest streak in 37 years.

So how great would it be for the Habs to puncture that overinflated balloon?

It’s kind of an oddity. New York has won seven straight and yet are only four points ahead of Montreal, who have put together a mediocre three wins and four losses in their last seven. It almost doesn’t seem to make sense. A seven-game winning streak puts the Rangers barely ahead of the Habs.

It’s a big game for Montreal (I say this for every Habs game, but whatever). End the streak held by a team Joe Thornton called the softest he’s played against in the east, (although he later admitted it was a bit stupid to say that) and gain two points and find themselves on the verge of that elusive 8th spot again.

It’s a tight eastern conference, and just as I was going to say there’s only six points separating Montreal in 12th and Philadelphia in 1st and so a winning streak could close that quickly, I come back to the Rangers, and the fact their seven-game run hasn’t put distance between themselves and a host of teams, hardly at all.

I’m baffled. Must be new math.

Regardless, a big game for Montreal. Oh, I just said that.


7 thoughts on “End That Streak, Boys”

  1. We have the chance to end two streaks over the next few days. We can end New York’s tonight and Boston’s on Monday (provided the Islanders don’t mess up that treat for us). Streaks end eventually so hopefully it’s us that will do it to the both of them!

  2. Dennis, I started to do my Christmas shopping and Scott Gomez is on my list because I feel sorry about how everyone has been picking on him.

    I’ve decided to get him this:


    I think he’ll look perfect in the Asleep-on-the-Job-Gray outfit

    As for Jacques Martin, I hear he will be getting a lump of Cole in his stocking this year.

  3. Good one, Danno. He’ll like the chaIr, as long as he doesn’t have to get mixed up with other chairs.

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