Emile And Pierre Bouchard – A Proud Night


The son wheeled his dad across the ice, and they watched together as the dad’s number 3 rose to the rafters. And they were proud.

And from Dick Irvin’s book “The Habs,” the words of Pierre Bouchard:

” If you look in the book you’ll see that Bouchard scored seventy-nine goals for the Montreal Canadiens. That’s both of us. And it took us twenty-seven years to do it. I stuck right beside Ken Dryden and I guess my father stuck right beside Bill Durnan. We were what you would call “defensive defencemen.” Very defensive.
I was born in 1948 so I saw very little when it came to watching my father play hockey. I remember going to a few games and I used to blackmail my mother. If she wouldn’t buy me ice cream or peanuts, I would cheer for the other team. But even though I don’t remember how he played, as far as I’m concerned my father was the best.”

8 thoughts on “Emile And Pierre Bouchard – A Proud Night”

  1. I opened up my Maurice Richard memorial book from afew years ago to see a picture of Elmer Lach on Butch Bouchards shoulder. I think it’s great that they got their numbers retired together, because from what I can see, they were great friends through out their career.

  2. I think it was a close-kniot bunch back then, Gillis. They used to hang out at Butch’s cabaret.

  3. I loved the way Pierre played. Very hard nosed and stay at home. Sounds like a pretty remarkable family.

    Man can you beleive Latendresse has two game winners with the Wild? lol. No he decides o play a little harder.

  4. Yeah, it figures, Mayo. But I’ll bet he calms down and goes back to his Hab ways. It’s the adreneline rush of a new team. (I think).

  5. Pretty cool to be able to be by the side of your dad when the team you both played for retires his number. Pierre was one of my favorites in the seventies. I think it hurt me as much as him when he got decked by Jonathon. He did not seem to be the same after that fight. That’s a long time ago and he looks pretty good for 61. I’d bet he could take Jonathon now!

  6. It’s true, DJ. After that fight, Pierre was basically on his way out. And I know Bruins fans still love to bring that up. But he was a big tough guy. Jonathan was basically a pit bull.

  7. the only historic fight that went our way would have to be Robinson – Schultz. All other fights seemed have gone against us like Komi-Lucic, Bouchard-Jonathan. I did like the Tremblay-Schmauntz fight though. Nilan was a legend too in this area.

  8. There’s a great picture out there somewhere that has Tremblay’s fist almost in Schmautz’s mouth. It’s pretty funny. And Montreal ended Philadelphia’s reign of terror when Robinson beat up Schultz. Thanks for bringing those up, Mayo. Blasts from the past.

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