This is how a team becomes a winner. With hard hitters who put the fear of God into others. Remember Scott Stevens in New Jersey?

I’m hoping Alexei Emelin continues his path to a regular and important spot on the Habs blueline. He was a force in the Kontinental Hockey League, and there’s no reason why he can’t be a force with the Canadiens.

This is the type of player Montreal needs badly, and the clean hit you see in this video is a prime example. Let him learn the North American game, let him understand better the new culture he’s in, and maybe, just maybe, we’ve got a real beauty on our hands.

10 thoughts on “Emelin”

  1. I go back to when I first saw him at training camp and I saw what a hitter he was. Time passed and he was benched, scratched, and wasn’t living up to his potential. I thought for sure Martin had ruined him. I’m glad he didn’t and that he’s coming along! We need someone like him badly. Someone who will make others think before coming into our zone.

    He’s still capable of bigger hits than this. That training camp was something else. If he smashed a Bruin like I saw him smash Gionta that day, the cheers from Habs fans across the country would be enough to cause an earthquake.

  2. Before I forget – Happy 102nd Birthday to the Habs.

    I’m watching Boardwalk Empire and it take place during Prohibition, and currently it’s 1920, 21 I believe? We were already 11 years old. An expansion team obviously. 🙂

  3. You are a lost Habs fan if you think Emelin is the next Scott Stevens. Seriously. Not only is Emelin nothing like Stevens, but the NHL is cracking down on the type of hits that made Stevens career, so you will never see that type of physical play ever again.

  4. Kudos to the Sharks for not jumping him after making a clean hit. Too often it seems you can’t hit somebody without the other team wanting to fight the player who made the hit.

  5. Hockey player, so true. Usually you get swarmed after something like that, clean or not. So yes, kudos to the Sharks.

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