Emelin On Board

Alexei Emelin (pronounced Ye-mel-in) has signed a two-year deal with the Canadiens, so look out enemy players with your heads down, our super-strong d-man is going to make you see stars.

It goes without saying that we need this bruiser in the lineup, and if we would have let him slip away, I’d be picketing the Bell Centre. He adds a dimension many teams don’t enjoy – a rockin’, sockin’ hitter that harkens back to Eddie Shore and Bobby Baun. A defenceman who punishes, crunches bones, and does so in mostly legal fashion.

Emelin makes forwards rushing toward Carey Price more tentative, more nervous, more prone to giving the puck up. And if they try to slip by, it’s a freight train moving in.

I haven’t heard just yet what the amount of money this Russian signed for, but whatever it is, it’s worth it and more. This is the kind of defenceman every team needs, and we’ve got a beauty.

I’m thrilled that Emelin signs. I just wish it was four or five years instead of two.


9 thoughts on “Emelin On Board”

  1. TSN reported the deal is 2M per. Maybe I’m getting my hopes up, but that kind of cash, there are only three possibilities for the club with Scott Gomez. 1) Hello, Hamilton! 2) someone else picks him up (Burke’s American, Gomez is an American, so this seems too obvious); 3) the new labor agreement will allow the dropping of one or two dog contracts without effecting the cap. I really like the idea of Scott Gomez playing in Ontario…

  2. Multiple reports of $2M/year. Although they may be reporting each others numbers.

    I don’t understand why the team doesn’t disclose the amount in their announcements. It’s not a secret, it comes out within a few hours anyways. Why not eliminate the guessing and divulge it off the bat?

  3. Mike, I think we’re OK on cap space for this year assuming a new CBA doesn’t lower it. Under the old CBA the cap was raised substantially to over $70. We still have over $20M of space with not too many players left to sign. My guesses, Price $6.5, Subban $4.5, Eller $2.5M, Diaz $2.5M. That leaves $4M for another forward and injury replacements.

    Don’t get me wrong, I want Gomez gone as much as everyone, with his $7M cap hit we can take a serious run at signing Parise.

  4. I’d rather go after Semin. He killed us and I think we’re the perfect fit.

    Can we a picture of Gomez in a Leafs sweater, if only for pleasant dreams?

  5. Mike, if another team picks up Gomez I like they’re crazy. An entire year without scoring. A waste of space. But having said that, it’s very possible that another team WILL pick him up because some GM’s just do things like this. I wouldn’t touch the guy with a ten foot pole. Hopefully tomorrow he’s outta here.

  6. DK, Great news about Emelin, but you could also include Big Bird on the list of heavy hitters. Remember the one he put on Phillies Gary Dornhouffer!! Had to stop the game while they replaced the boards he put him through.
    Cheers from the East!!!!

  7. Staubitz to Anaheim for 2 years.
    Friday I was complained about having too many forwards, leaving no space for the up-and-comers. So what do the Habs do, they sign Laff cast-off Colby Armstrong for 1 year at $1M. Could be worse, Tampa Bay signed Pouliot for $1.8M and Ottawa signed Latendresse for $1.25M.

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