Emelin Gone, Bourque Back

There you have it. Alexei Emelin gone for the year with a torn ligament in his left knee. All because he made the remarkably gutsy and heroic decision to try to stop Milan Lucic dead in his tracks as the big Bruin was barreling full-tilt down the wing.

Emelin was doing the job the best way he knows how – hard-nosed – and he laid it on the line for his team. Is there another player in the league who would have done this? This guy risked his livelihood to stop an oncoming train, hoping to thwart a Bruins rush headed into Canadiens territory.

He’s as old-school as you’ll see in this day and age, a player who adds much to his team with his clean and rugged way of going about things. You see guys like Emelin and Josh Gorges, stopping trains and putting faces and feet in front of ninety mile an hour pucks, and you see guys who earn their money in a big way and win appreciation and respect from teammates, bosses, and fans. And yes, the other team as well.

Speedy recovery Alexei.

Rene Bourque is reported to be ready for Tuesday game against the Capitals. Bourque had turned over a new leaf this season before he went down with a concussion, and it might be a few games before he begins to find his legs and timing after missing 21 games. So if he has a good first game back and even finds himself on the scoresheet, it’s a real bonus for all concerned. Except for the Caps, of course.

We’ve lost a big boy on the blueline but gained a big power forward up front. Ups, downs, good and bad. It’s all part of big-league hockey and every team deals with it. As it’s been all season, the Canadiens will find a way.

8 thoughts on “Emelin Gone, Bourque Back”

  1. More bad news Dennis. Max Pacioretty left practice early today with what is being described as a lower-body injury. According to reports, his condition is listed as day-to-day.

  2. We will miss those who are sidelined with injuries BUT WE WILL NOT WALLOW IN SELF PITY!!!!! Not manyplayers[maybe none] bring the game my Train Wreck does—and not dirty hits either. He keeps people honest as they come down ice. Mac Pac can pounce like a cat on a loose puck. They will be missed!! But this year we seem to rely on team effort ; not individual efforts. I bet the injured ones are the biggest team boosters of the participants and won’t let them feel sorry for each other ’cause some are sidelined. Is the team line this year “No Excuses” ? So let us not betray the boys by self pity. Big John Ferguson—“if it’s and buts were candy and spice, wouldn’t we all be sweet and nice”!! We shall overcome these glitches my friends!!!

  3. I’m so disappointed. What a loss. Emelin was our crusher. What the hell are we gonna do without him? His role was very unique. Hockey goes on but I hope it won’t leave a big hole in the team.

  4. Didn’t he just recently visit a specialist in Atlanta? And now back on the ice? Isn’t that a little too soon?

  5. I guess they know, Marjo. But there’s been players rushed back too soon before and hopefully it’s not the case here. We need him.

  6. You said it perfectly, Marjo. His role was very unique. He’ll be missed but maybe Beaulieu and maybe Tinordi will be good, now they they’ve gotten their feet wet. And Diaz might even be back soon which would be a nice bonus.

  7. Peter Hab, there’s no excuses. We go with what we have and get it done. Other teams have injuries too. I still like our chances and I love the spirit they show so often. Hoping Bourque picks up where he left off, which is being a great skater, a big body, and a guy who can score some big goals.

  8. Danno, Max seems to have such bad luck. We need him and even though many Habs fans are saying he’s been way too quiet,I think he’s been playing well. Hopefully he’s fine.

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