Elvis Ate More Than You – And Other Important Things

One of my best Christmas presents this year is ‘Uncle John’s Triumphant 20th Anniversary Bathroom Reader” and so, in the spirt of giving, I’d like to share a few little things that may or may not have bearing on the meaning of life.  


There are many important things in the world we should know. Including:


In the months before he died, Elvis ate an average of about 65,000 calories a day. That’s the equivalent of the maximum daily calorie intake of 26 adult men. It’s also the equivalent of 108 Big Macs.


Boston is the most dangerous place in the US to ride a bike.


First Job:


Steve McQueen – towel boy in a brothel

Johnny Depp was the lead singer of a Kiss tribute band

Michael Jordan was a bellman


The average lawn grows about three inches a month


Jeffrey Dampier won $20 million in the Illinois lottery in 1996. After buying houses and cars for his siblings and parents, and treating 38 of his nearest and dearest friends to a Christmas Caribbean cruise, he was kidnapped and murdered by his own sister-in-law.


In May 2001, a man spotted a pair of jeans in a pile of mud in an abandoned Nevada mining town. Thinking they might be valuable, he contacted Levi’s and found out they’d been made sometime in the 1880’s. A spokesman said they were probably the oldest pair known to exist. The man decided to put them up for sale on ebay. They sold for $46,532 – to the Levi Strauss Company.





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  1. Merry Xmas here from Thailand. It’s Boxing Day, but we don’t celebrate Xmas or Boxing Day here.
    Keep up the great work and the best in the New Year – which we celebrate big.

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