Elmer Kept The Big Wheels Turning

Noticed this in an old Forum program I have and I thought I’d add a few words.

Elmer retired from the Canadiens after the 1954 season and spent a couple of years as a successful coach of the Montreal Royals of the Quebec Hockey League. From there, in or around 1957, he joined Maislin Transport as a sales and public relations guy.

I’m guessing this job paid way more than what he earned as a star centre with the Habs.

Maislin Transport began in 1945 and was run by seven Maislin brothers and a brother-in-law. The company eventually closed shop in 1982 but has morphed into what is now known as Maisliner, which does most of its business in the U.S.

Elmer’s fantastic career spanned 14 years with the Canadiens, beginning in 1940, and his numbers can be seen yes, right here.

5 thoughts on “Elmer Kept The Big Wheels Turning”

  1. I still say some of these guys must really cringe when they see what players make today. I marvel at the idea that most of the guys had to work during the summer. Can you imagine if they had summers off to train and improve their game like today’s players do? They’d probably be even more amazing.

    I really love these old photos and ads. I wish they’d release a big book of them.

  2. As a kid growing up in the 1960’s I had the privilege of spending a week or so every summer with my family at Maislin Transport’s Hunting and Fishing Lodge on Lac Taureau just outside St. Michel des Saints.

    Despite being a Leafs’ fan, I had the opportunity to meet and chat with many current and former Canadiens, some of whom worked for Maislin. They were quite a group.
    They loved to drink, tell stories and were a fun bunch.

    Great memories!!!!!

  3. I too spent many summer weeks at the lodge with parents and family. I have lived in Ontario for years and when I tell stories of being a kid and watching Hab players playing pool, Sam Pollock and Toe Blake having drinks, I get a lot of disbelief….lol. Great to read of someone else enjoying the same memories!
    My grand father was the director of the QPP and good friends of Sam Maislin. Still remember Sam coming to our house in candiac to visit my parents and sending me off with his driver for dairy queen…..great memories for sure!

  4. Awesome Dave. What a nice situation for you to be in when you were a kid. Memories to last a lifetime and thanks for sharing. It must have been very cool.

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