Elliotte Friedman Shares A Good Crosby/Habs Story

I thought Elliotte Friedman came up with an interesting little ditty in his CBC blog Elliotte Friedman. It involves The Kid, The House, and The Habs.

Friedman, in my books, is a star who hasn’t peaked yet in the sports media business.

Here’s what he said. And I think it’s what most have said also.

“(Sidney) Crosby gets ripped for not moving out of Mario Lemieux’s place until now (Joffrey Lupul, for example, did it on Twitter). When the Canadiens were imploding off-ice last season, he talked privately about how nothing similar happened to him for that reason.”

In English, here’s what it meant: Crosby announced a few weeks ago he was moving out of the Lemieux home and into his own place. Lupul made fun of it on Twitter. When the Canadiens were imploding off-ice in February 2009, Crosby and I had a conversation about it. He said that staying at Lemieux’s home for so long was the major reason nothing similar happened to him. He had a Fortress of Solitude, and it protected him from what was occurring with some of Montreal’s players.

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