Eller Shines In Win

Four straight. Top of the pops. And if it isn’t one guy helping out in a big way, it’s another.

Habs win 4-3 in a shootout with Ottawa after blowing a 3-1 lead, but a couple of guys checked in from start to finish and did what others do on other nights. Helped their team to win.

Tonight, Lars Eller and P.K. Subban were the guys who did much of the chipping in. Subban skated miles, and on two second-period power plays, he scored on one and assisted on another as his team went up 3-1. Eller had opened the scoring in the first, and made a move only guys with good hands can make to end it for his team in the shootout after Alex Galchenyuk had also got the job done using his own trickery.

It might not have gone to overtime and a shootout if Daniel Alfredsson hadn’t beat Carey Price to make it 3-2 with just a second and a half remaining in the second frame. But I don’t want to talk about that. The Canadiens got their two points after Galchenyuk and Eller did the job in the shootout, and it’s a beautiful thing.

Random Notes:

Galchenyuk rattled one off the post late in the third with the scored tied.

Guys with assists, aside from P.K., included Gabriel Dumont, Josh Gorges, Max, Andrei Markov, and Tomas Plekanec.

First place in the east with 40 points, third overall. I don’t know what to say exactly. I’m just so proud of the team, and I’m so excited at what’s transpiring. In the near future the Habs play Pittsburgh, and then Boston the following night (Mar. 26, 27), which will be good, honest tests. Handle those two teams and the message will be sent loud and clear.

But first things first.

Canadiens in New Jersey on Saturday night. Yes, I’m a greedy bastard.




14 thoughts on “Eller Shines In Win”

  1. Just got home from the game. It was exciting to see the team not roll over and turtle when the Sens made a game of it like the last couple of years. Eller is going to be a star and his chemistry with Galchenyuk is wonderful and should be for years to come. The only issue I saw was either the ice was bad at the beginning of the third period or the puck wasn’t frozen or they all had burrs on their skates. All of the team seemed to have a hard time skating and moving the puck for about 5 minutes. Have not seen that since I watched a mite game. M/T sems to have a great pulse for this team. They remind me of the 1986 team so who knows. Go Habs Go!

  2. Now we can take a game even if Carey lets in two soft ones! He helped in the shootout also. Sooooooo unlike last year!!!Sometimes ya can’t get what ya want–or who ya THINK ya want–but I was once told “YA gotta use what ya got to get what ya want when ya need it.” That’s what the team seems to be doing. Spreading the GOOD GAME back-pats ’round the room. the colour of the jersey’s seem a bit brighter these daze!! Said goodbye to one of my favoriteCanadians last couple of days.Canada’s Johnny Cash. ‘ole Stomping Tom could rouse ’em up and make ’em proud to live where he sang a song about. Wonder how the tune–Dennie’s on the tugboat, cartin’ folks ‘cross the way, he’s feeling kinda friskie-P.K. nailed the slap-shot, Luci cooked him supper, the boat she ‘crossed in safety, we worry not of taxes ’cause our buddy brought the beer——–” would’ve went in “The Powell”

  3. The Canadiens aren’t even a factor in the East. Don’t you watch the NBC Sports Network? You know, the network that spent 40 MINUTES analyzing the Eastern Conference on Monday night, and in which half that time was spent discussing the Penguins and the Bruins, which are “OBVIOUSLY” the two favourites in the East. The Habs weren’t brought up. I mean, literally, not one single mention………..

  4. I was very happy to see Carey Price come up big when it counted the most. He could have crumbled after the third goal, but he soldiered on and came out smelling like a rose after the shootout victory. Hopefully this will be a confidence booster for him and he will be an impenetrable wall from here on in. It’s much better he gets over his slump now than in the playoffs. And it looks like the playoffs are assured with the only question being – where will we finish and who will we play in round one?

  5. dra58, hope you had a splendid time and a great view from your seats. I’ve never been to the Bell but it’s at the top of my wish list. Eller was so good last night, and every so often we see this from him. I think he’s played really well for a bunch of games in a row and it’s so great to see him step up. Most of the guys are shining, and now we need Bourque, Prust, and Diaz back soon. Good for you for going to game. You’re a lucky guy.

  6. Peter Hab, love the song. I want to sing it! And I love your quote, which goes over on the side today. Heard an old interview with Stompin’ Tom on the radio the other day. He was genuine and humble and polite, just a good guy. He said he used to get booed and laughed at in bars in Timmins and elsewhere, before he became. It’s called paying dues.

  7. Ian, it doesn’t surprise me, I suppose. Even though it’s ridiculous that they wouldn’t discuss a team that has turned things around so drastically and are king of the hill. Even the CBC focuses elsewhere, usually on the Leafs. The only way more will pay attention is if we go all the way. Then, after winning it all, maybe people will notice them next year. Then again, maybe not.

  8. Danno, it’s just so nice to be seeing the Habs as a bonafide contender. We’ve missed that for a long time, and thanks to Bergevin and Therrien and a few additions here and there, we now have ourselves a team that can go all the way. It’s just so great.

  9. Dennis:
    I am very lucky to be only an hour south of Montreal in the states and I am very lucky to share season tickets with a few guys as well. This year is also a blessing to see them play well as a team unlike the team that made the big but lucky run 2 years ago this team is a team and plays Habs style of hockey. I hope that you can someday get lucky enough to have the experience of attending a game at the bell center as well because its like no other hockey game anywhere else.

  10. I want to so much, dra, and it’s very possible that I will. I really want to be around 19,000 other Habs fans, and I want compare how it is to the Forum. The Forum, of course, was great, but I know the Bell is too and I want to experience it. Someday soon, I hope.

  11. How was Pateryn in that last game? He had less than 7 minutes of ice time, while Subban and Markov each had over 30 minutes each. The 3rd defence pairing needs to play 15-18 minutes a game. Bouillon’s 16 minutes barely cuts it in a game going to shoot-out.

  12. Christopher, I suppose if the game was one-sided Pateryn would’ve seen more ice-time. I really don’t know how well he performed, because as you say, he wasn’t on much. I’m excited that a huge body will now be in the lineup and I’d like to know how talented Tinordi is as a fighter.

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