Eller Gets A Raise

Lars Eller is on board again after finally signing a two-year, $2.65 deal, which, when cut in half, works out to $1.32 million, which is a good, but not overwhelming raise, over the $787,500 the Dane earned last season.

It’s good to have Eller signed. I think most of us thought and hoped he would, as the guy has shown hints of brilliance that we hope will eventually morph into brilliance on a regular basis. His four-goal, five-point night against the Winnipeg Jets last season was nothing short of magical, and was topped off with a spin-o-rama move on a penalty shot that made my heart soar like an eagle. So we see what can be.

Eller needs to find more loose pucks around the net, garbage goals that he can bury. He’s a playmaker with good hands, and whoever it is playing alongside him needs to crash and bang, create those loose pucks, and also accept and convert Eller’s set-ups. Help the guy elevate his game while doing it for yourself too.

Now it’s getting P.K. on the dotted line and Scott Gomez on the midnight train to Georgia or Anchorage, and much of Marc Bergevin’s work is done. Except for trades and finding a top-six big gun. Easy stuff.

7 thoughts on “Eller Gets A Raise”

  1. If they keep Eller at Centre, as HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE Mr. Martin, then we could see some great stuff from him on a more consistent basis. I’d say his development was probably marred by being tossed all over the place. Also, having different wingers every other shift probably didn’t help much anyways. The guy probably spent most of his time wondering “who the hell are you?”

    Did you read that Brian Wilde article Dennis? If you haven’t, you should because it’s going to make you feel great. We have a little more crud to live through but in about two years – watch out. If it all goes according to plan.

    I’m already expecting Gomez to be in the line-up. It breaks my heart, but I just know he’ll be there. Maybe he’ll score 4 goals this year!

  2. Darth, I did read the article, and yes, it made me feel good. Thanks for sending it along. I love it when people find serious positives about the team. I can’t wait two years. I need next season to be great. I kow I need to be realistic but it’s the way I’ve always been. Los Angeles wasn’t supposed to anything, and I’m hoping the Habs pull off the same sort of thing. We need a top six forward, I think. We need scoring and depth.

  3. I like Eller. I have a feeling he’s gonna have a super year. Have we heard anything about Leblanc? I totally forgot about him…

  4. Marjo, Leblanc is signed for two more years on his entry level two-way contract. Although he spent most of last season in Montreal and didn’t look out of place, he may have a hard time doing the same this year. We already have 13 forwards signed to one-way contracts. And with Subban and Diaz likely signing the same, we’ll have a completely full 23 man roster. So barring a trade or a long-term injury, he’ll have to significantly outplay the roster forwards to make the team.

  5. 2 yrs. is not a long time for old guys like us Dennis. It’s almost the same as having it now. The Kings didn’t just happen. It was a long process. Patience and trust are more important than faith, at least that’s what my dogs say.

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