Eight Goals By Philly?

Hmm. LA beat Vancouver again, this time 4-2, and reports say close to 35,000 frantic Canucks’ fans are now lining up to jump off the Lions Gate bridge. Try not to hit any salmon please.

Luci mentioned something about the poor fans in Vancouver, but this has never crossed my mind. What about us?

In other news, New Jersey handled Florida 3-2, Detroit evened their series with Nashville by edging the Preds 3-2, and Philadelphia once again beat Pittsburgh, this time by walloping them 8 to 5. What’s with eight goals? This isn’t playoff goaltending and defence.

And what I noticed as I saw some of this game from the Ellis Island Casino and Pizza Eatery in Vegas (just behind Bally’s), is that the Flyers were going hard and heavy on Malkin and Crosby. This is playoff hockey, and what has to be done to be successful. Pound the livin’ jeesis out of the stars. It’s not rocket science.

And it’s a fine example of what the Canadiens are going to have to do in the future if they’re going to capture that elusive 25th mug. Be tough and take no prisoners.

4 thoughts on “Eight Goals By Philly?”

  1. Pens check with their sticks, flyers with their bodies. I like Philly and not just because it is a nice city…….. Flyers and Boston will be a great series if the Flyers can get any kind of goaltending………… Toooo bad for the maplenucks.

  2. The Pens/Flyers series has just been amazing to watch. WE should be good as either team is. This shows just how mediocore we’ve been for the last 20 years. Can you see us doing this? Especially twice in a row?

    I’m sitting there watching this in total amazement at some of the plays I’m seeing and I wish we’d be that way (thank god change is coming). They lose the puck? They try to get it back or fight to get it back. Crosby fell down last night and still tried to score by flipping the puck up in the air in an attempt to score. Both teams try stuff, anything, to score. We’d dump the puck and chase it all night and we’d be down 2-0 in the series by now.

    This is the best hockey I’ve seen in a while. We haven’t been as great as these two teams are since the 70s.

    I can’t wait till Sunday to see game three!

    Whoever is our new GM: make our team as half as talented as they are please. Try to match them if you can. We do have better goaltending though. Fleury and Bryz are just awful.

    Can you see Bourque or Gomez playing like this? They aren’t even in the same league!

    Sad news: Butch Bouchard has died:


  3. Local reports claimed Gomez had fallen into the Capilano River while fishing and the Canuck fans were on the bridge to see if it was true.

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