Ed Dorohoy, From Gail And Danno

I’ve mentioned before that I’m very proud of my Habs Bee Hive Group 2 (1944-64) collection. I have more than 70 of these old photos that we would we would collect when we were kids by sending in Bee Hive syrup labels, and last year Danno got wind of the handful of old Habs I didn’t have from this set. Soon after, the mailman showed up with a package from Danno and Gail, and inside was a John Hanna Bee Hive, one I’d been chasing, and one that is tough to find.

I’m beyond blown away to tell you that just yesterday the mailman showed up again with another package from Danno and Gail, a package that contained a great birthday card, and yet another Bee Hive I didn’t have – Ed Dorohoy, who played 16 games for the Canadiens during the 1948-49 season, and then became a career minor leaguer. His Bee Hive is also a rare beauty.

A really nice piece about Dorohoy can be seen here at Tom Hawthorn’s Blog.

Frankly I don’t know what to say. Danno and Gail are such kind people, and I’m just floored. To these two special folk, thanks so much. Wow!

8 thoughts on “Ed Dorohoy, From Gail And Danno”

  1. Hey Dennis,Great present I would say.I think that this is a very unselfish gesture from a good buddy,everyone need a pal like Danno and of course thanks goes out to Gail as well.

  2. Happy Birthday Dennis!

    What a great story about Eddie. Such a prankster and so many nicknames.

    How many more Beehives do you need now to complete the collection?

  3. Happy birthday, Marjo! Yes, Librans are well-balanced people. At least most are. I may not be.

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