Eaten By Sharks


For those of you who find a whack of Habs game blacked out in your area over the course of the season, I can only offer one suggestion. Move to Powell River.

Yes, Powell River, where all 82 games, whether they’re on RDS or Sportsnet or whatever, are shown. I don’t know why. It’s good, though.

Okay, it’s not always good.

Like tonight, when the Canadiens fell 3-1 to the San Jose Sharks at the Bell Centre, and which becomes six losses in the last eight games.

The slump continues, regardless of the win over the Ottawa Senators when they fired 27 shots at the enemy net in the first period alone.

I suppose I could say the obvious. We need Carey Price back.

Dustin Tokarski wasn’t good, allowing three goals on 12 shots, and replaced by Mike Condon midway through the second period.

Imagine Toker now. He’d started the previous two games, played well, including a nice job in his team’s 3-1 win over Ottawa, and could sniff a possible return to the show after almost blowing it permanently to Mike Condon.

Now he’s back to square one. Replaced by Condon again. That’s a stay awake pill if there ever was one.

It has to be a tough life being a backup. Jason LaBarbera might say so. LaBarbera, currently in the Philadelphia system, has bounced back and forth between the NHL and the minors, mostly as a backup, for sixteen years, and says he’s had 16 different goalie coaches along the way. And almost every year he packs up the wife and kids and moves to a new city and a new team.

But backup goalies are backups for a reason. They’ve got the tools but they’re inconsistent. It must be frustrating for all of them.

Random Notes:

Canadiens outshot San Jose 27-18.

Dale Weise, with his tenth of the season, was the Habs’ lone scorer.

Torrey Mitchell played his first game since Nov. 19th when he suffered a lower body injury against Phoenix.

Carey Price was introduced to the crowd and looked happy, healthy, and rested. Earlier today (Tuesday), Price was named winner of the Lou Marsh Award as Canada’s athlete of the year.

Next up – Thursday, when it’s the L.A. Kings in town.



7 thoughts on “Eaten By Sharks”

  1. Yes..they outshot the Sharks..but most of the shots were blanks!…at practice do they try not to hit the net?…i often wonder what skills transfers from the practice to the game?
    Well it’s still early in the season…they can bounce back..Ottawa did it last year…so i wouldn’t fret over losing a bunch of games….just feel sorry for the fans who paid beaucoup piastres to sit through a lousy game.

    82 games in Powell River…i guess tha’s to keep you guys off the streets!
    Switched from Rogers to Bell Fibe last month…no RDS (unlesss i pay extra) and a limited amount of games…i do have an Android TV box that enables me to find a US based i have other options to watch them lose! ha!ha!

  2. Ed, it really doesn’t bother me much about them being in the midst of a slump. They don’t have their full lineup, they’re trying different guys from St. John’s, and the number one goalie on the planet is sidelined. Plus, most good teams go through hard times. It’s a long season. The big problem coming up is a brutal road trip. I just don’t want to see them slide way down in the standings. I also agree with you completely about hitting the net. They see a tiny opening and try to hit it, instead of just hitting the net and letting rebounds and lots of good things happen. What’s really disturbing is seeing Lucy being not as into the Habs as she was. But that might have something to do with having a baby in the house now.

  3. Hi Dennis….we are in some trouble I think…no we will make the playoffs I am confident but this team is not really very tough to play against. They have over the past 2-3 seasons got faster and a bit more technical but they don’t hit with any meanness. Weise has stopped hitting and thinks he is now a high skill player. The players that should be carrying the load don’t really look interested much. Max is lazy and perhaps more so this past dozen games…PK is playing below his skill potential by quite a bit. Many fans can’t see any of his faults but he really is a turnover machine this year. Not a popular opinion I know but my tv just tells me that. Hopefully CP can stem the downturn but he hasn’t yet been able to score goals. I am still hoping he can contribute that way. This team is soft.

  4. Gotta agree with your points, Cliff. Max doesn’t show a lot of fire, and PK turns over way too many pucks. But this is a team with call ups, with a couple of backup goalies, and the system has changed because of this, as it did when Price went down in the playoffs a few years back. I have great faith because I’ve seen this team, when everyone was healthy, play an outstanding brand of hockey. I believe it’s a team that can go far if everyone’s healthy, physically and mentally. Hoping and believing is the only way I can be a fan. I’ve always been this way, and if I wasn’t, I’m not sure how much hockey I’d even watch.

  5. I understand Dennis….I just see a lack of consistency and little to no tenacity with this team and wonder how they will cope with the high intensity of post season. There is something not quite right says my old eyes but like you I will keep hoping.

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