Eaten By Coyotes


The Canadiens came within a whisker of handling the Arizona Coyotes in the desert. Just five more goals and the win was theirs.

It was that close. The team just isn’t getting the breaks.

A tight one. Tense like crazy. But in the end, the boys fell short.

If only they could’ve scored those five. But they didn’t and the Coyotes held on by the skin of their teeth to edge our Montrealers 6-2.

6-2. WTF is that?

So, after three wins that had Habs fans feeling sort of better, the team has now lost their last two and given up 12 goals in the process.

I guess the slump is back. Oh, it never went away, you say?

Now, onward to Denver on Wednesday for another exciting loss.

On the bright side, only six more losses this month and they’ll equal December and January for winning three games in each month. I don’t know about you but this possibility excites the heck out of me.

Such a dismal year for Habs fans young and old, from all across our great nation and beyond, down in the dumps as the team begins to think golf thoughts.

Hardened Habs fans from Dildo, Nfld, to Lower Shag Harbour, NS.

Diehards in Beersville, NB to Dixsville, PQ and Newbliss, Ont.

Fans in the west, from Jackmore, Man. and Climax, Sask., to the gang out at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump in Alberta.

And of course those poor bastards in Powell River, BC.

All resigned to the fact that the Canadiens season will draw to a close in just a couple more dozen games.

Random Notes:

The Coyotes outshot the Canadiens 28-19.

Dale Weise and Brendan Gallagher were the Habs marksmen.

It’s an 8:00 pm ET start in Denver.



20 thoughts on “Eaten By Coyotes”

  1. Earlier I was watching some hockey with a team called the Florida Panthers versus Penguins, it was smooth amazing hockey I was detached enjoyed the show, it was a pure almost abstract experience of joy, pleasure, fun. From time to time I shut the ‘color’ commentators off because these characters, except in rare rare cases are imbeciles, idiots, and parasites,wankers, what not, but apart from that it was fun. I knew a Habs game was due to start so, I put it on when the time came, and after the first period, I found my self wandering out of theroom, headed downstairs, and thinking about other things. Next thing you know it was over, and someone said on the tv. in t he background that a team named Coyotes beat a team named the Montreal Canadiens or Habs, and I realized they were talking about another team that had nothing at all to do with the Habs even the Habs of 2008. A flunky team run by a flunky coach, a weirdo manager and a team that’s basically bi-polar and is due to bottom out. But Habs? this has nothing to do with habs. I was there in 93 when the Cup was hoisted by an actual team named Habs. I saw the parade, the riot the whole thing and I was able to see the game in 86 also. Those last two times the Habs actually were already remnants of their former selves. But at leas there was something really happening with real players. I exclude Price, Gallagher, Subhan from my criticism. I’ve never been a Galchenyuk fan, not onthis team with this organization, but who knows maybe one day? The city’s cursed . Something strange and weird or some awful capitalist karma. I was wrong last week, and I knew it was fake confidence I knew they could not come back. I recall saying here once two years ago they were like manic depressives and that continues except the manic side has all been drained. So tank away.

  2. The entire country has gotten the memo on tanking. No matter how bad the Canadiens are, we’re still the top ranked team in the country. The 7 teams based in Canada occupy the bottom 9 places in the league. The only thing tanking more than hockey in Canada is the Canadian dollar.

  3. I usually dismantle my Habs shrine in the man cave at the end of the season…might be earlier this year.
    Hard to look at the images of Henri, Maurice and Toe and the Molson’s photo from 1956-57 campaign..with six trophies at their feet including the Stanley Cup…and go forward to 60 years later with the current incarnation we are witnessing.
    I’ll leave that one picture on the wall as well as the vintage CCM and Victoriaville hockey sticks….forgive me for waxing nostalgic…but it cheers me up at bit remembering better times for the red, white and blue….all they’ll be able to pose with in this season’s team photo is the Stinky Cup!
    oh well.. there’s always next season….wonder if they make a Habs logo kleenex box?

  4. DK, good report. I guess the only way to look at what’s going on is with tongue in cheek humour. This is starting to look like the Gong show that was the Gainey, Gautier Martin era. Something just doesn’t smell right. After the start this team had the players didn’t all of a sudden forget how to play hockey. Some good comments by your readers, from me your guess is as good as mine on what’s going on.

  5. You must admit Habs will be an interesting team next year with a healthy Carey Price and stud centre Austin Matthews the number 1 draft pick this summer…. please please …us Leaf fans want him…

  6. My rendition of Queen , we used to be champions but now ….

    We are the losers my friends ,
    And it’s gonna suck in the end .
    Cuz we are losers,
    We are the losers .
    No time for winning ,
    Cuz we are the losers
    Of the league .

  7. Ed, yes they do, DK gave me two when we visited Lucy & him when they were living in St. Hubert, QC. Not sure if we’ll need them for sadness or from tears of laughter because it’s quite the comedy show right now!

  8. Mike, it’s tongue in cheek because if I were to go on and on about this and that in serious fashion, I’d only be repeating what every other site says. The whole thing is ridiculous, I can’t remember a bigger joke of a season as this, and I’ve pretty well given up. Not impressed with Bergevin, who I was so impressed with before. It’s all as sad as can be.

  9. Leaf Fan, we’ve learned the hard way that the team needs way more than Price and a hotshot draft pick. They’re small and gutless and can’t score. And they’ve lost any passion they might have had.

  10. It’s as bad as can be, Ed, so it’s time to dismantle your stuff and put up Beatles instead. The Beatles never let us down.

  11. Bill, for the most part, I find myself drifting away throughout most Habs games now. I hate this feeling but it can’t be helped. I’m completely with you about all of it.

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