Early Morning Drive

I made my lunch last night for work today, went to bed early, got up at 4:30 a.m., put on my BC Ferries uniform, gulped some coffee, got in the car and drove 30 kms to work, and when I got there I found out it was my day off.

17 thoughts on “Early Morning Drive”

  1. Dennis, thank you for making me laugh my head off!

    It’s nice of you to share this story with us. Most people would try to keep it to themselves.

    What was the reaction from the guys on the ferry?

  2. It was only the early morning ticket agent there at the time, a lovely lady, and she thought it was hilarious.

  3. But you know EVERYBODY is going to know about when you go to work tomorrow morning!

    I’d blame it on the mixture of olive oil and vinegar marinating inside your inner ear combined with a couple of DKRSFB!

  4. Yes Danno, unfortunately, I’ll hear about it tomorrow. But I have what I think is an excellent excuse. I’m blaming it on Subban.

  5. Dennis,

    You need a holiday.

    I’ve just had one. It was great. But it was also good to come back and catch up on all the fine stuff you’ve been posting.

    It wasn’t so good to come back to a mail from ESPN to say they wont have the NHL on their online service. Whadda am I gonna dooooo? It was so good to be able to watch games on playback.

    I knew nothing good could come of the Bruins winning the silverware.

  6. Blue Bayou, just excellent to hear from you again and I hope you enjoyed sampling beer from wherever you were. About this not getting games thing. This is a disaster for you. Surely there can be a plan B. What about a satellite on your roof? I guess the other thing to do if it’s impossible (is it impossible?) is just move to Canada. I don’t see why not. We have fish and chips. And Ottawa and Victoria have some double-decker buses.

  7. @Blue Bayou: look into the NHL Gamecenter site. You’ll have to subscribe but you should get access to a ton of games. I know there are sites that stream games live but I’d have to find them.

    You work on the Ferries Dennis? God I would love that job.

    Speaking of being on another world, one day I was going to work and I was on the subway when this really good looking girl kept looking at me. She started smiling and I thought I was pretty damn hot stuff. So I got off the subway, my head is in the clouds, I’m walking on air, and I feel like the greatest thing ever…until I felt a breeze down below…then realized the barn door was open the whole time. Talk about taking the wind out of one’s sail.

  8. Maybe she didn’t notice, Darth. Maybe she was looking at your face only and liked what she saw. I think that was what it was and you should’ve asked her to join you for a cup of coffee. The heck with going to work. Good story, though. I’m on my way out the door now to go to work. I’m pretty sure that today isn’t my day off.

  9. Hi Dennis, didn’t get to read your blog yesterday, so here’s my late response. Well, at least you had lots of time to enjoy your day off rather than sleeping in late. Hopefully, you saw a great sunrise!

  10. Thank you Dennis but sadly it was the zipper. What a goofy thing to do. Oh well, at least it keeps one humble doesn’t it? 🙂

  11. Yeah Darth, maybe you made her quiver with excitement. You should’ve asked her then if she wanted to see your etchings.

  12. Quiver with excitement? Why THANK you! Thanks Chris. God willing I impressed.

    Another amusing subway story: one time I was sitting in a single seat and beside me were two young women standing there talking. Well, the subway broke suddenly and one girl whipped around and her rear end ended up in my face. It was quite a whack. She turned about 50 shades of red and her pal laughed her head off and she apologized quite a bit. She also could not look me in the eyes.

    I wanted to tell her it was the best thing to happen to me that week but alas I didn’t.

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