Early Goals Put Habs In A Super Hole Sunday

I did my part, so don’t blame me. I put on my Rocket t-shirt. I brought out the three Habs rocks. And I of course went to look for some cold tablets in the kitchen.

But even I can’t help the Canadiens if they don’t help themselves. A 3-0 loss to the Boston Bruins, with a little help from Ryan White and Josh Gorges’ sticks.

There’s a couple of rules you learn in minor hockey. Don’t swear at your coach, don’t pass across the ice in your own end, and don’t stick your stick out when a shot is coming in on your goalie.

Full marks to the Bruins, though. They played a strong checking game today. And the goalie, Tuukka Rask, was so good it makes you wonder how this team had just endured a ten-game losing streak.

The Canadiens only showed flashes of danger. Tomas Plekanec and Brian Gionta both had chances to bury it but Rask was in a zone and handled things.  The Bulldog line were kerfuffled by the Bruins’ blanket, and the only thing this line could produce on this afternoon was a nice deflection by Ryan White into his own net.

What a difference 24 hours make. The Habs were full of piss and vinegar against Pittsburgh, and listless today. It wasn’t their worst performance of the year, not by a long shot. They just couldn’t handle the Bruins.

You can’t blame me, I did all I could. I think we should blame their wives.

Random Notes:

Capitals and Ovechkin in Montreal on Wednesday.

10 thoughts on “Early Goals Put Habs In A Super Hole Sunday”

  1. Dennis, maybe Jacques Martin can be inspired by these wise words;

    “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

    — Winston Churchill

    The kids were on fire against the Penguins. I don’t know what he did or said to them after that game but they were but a pale imitation of themselves against the Bruins.

    Or maybe it was just fatigue after back-to-back games in the big league.

    Let’s see which team comes out to play against Washington.

  2. Hey Dennis;Well I had to take a nap after that one,what a sleeper.The Habs were just skating sleeping pills,there wasn’t anything exciting at all in that game.The bruins played their defensive trapping game and the result was a couple of deflections and there goes the game.I should have taped the game for when i have trouble sleeping next time.

  3. Danno, That’s a great quote. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure Martin could use inspiration tactics from Churchill. Such a disappointment. Four wins in a row combined with 11 straight Bruins losses would’ve been perfect. Now it’s back to square one with Washington coming.

  4. It was nap time, Derry. They were on fire yesterday and doused with water today. Anyway, thanks guys for reading and commenting. I figured everyone was busy watching Super Bowl. You deserve to be assistant coaches when I own the team. Unless you want to help me make the wives comfortable.

  5. I can tell you what he did… He didn’t use them right. He didn’t adjust his lines. the kids aren’t grinders. He put them up against the Bruins grinders. The reason they worked so well yesterday was because of the speed of the Pens. These are first/second liners in Hamilton with a TORA!TORA!TORA! mentality. Might have done a better job against the other lines… I mean Desharnais against Chara would have been hilarious, but it also would have gotten Plekanec away from him. And they probably could have run circles around him. Especially considering the fragility of the Bruins mindset once they had that 2-0 lead (their last two were blown 2-0 leads).

    And then Bruins effectively put the team/crowd/me to sleep. Damn those perfect road games. Of course regardless of Rask being solid, he was as much a rebound machine as Jaro, but there was never a 2nd trailer in position for the rebound, nor someone in front of the net, nor someone who tried to go there more than once…

    Just one of those games eh.

    Super Bowl Shmuper Bowl. I have nothing on TV to watch now dammit. And the Who are pretty bad…

  6. Great points, 31. Martin needed to use the Bulldogs differently. Boston isn’t Pittsburgh. You’re going to be on my team too.

  7. Hey Dennis;Would I be able to be an assistant coach and watch the wives as well?I can really do both,Im quite capable.

  8. Thanks, Derry, but I’m afraid there might not be enough room in the private box for me, the ladies, and someone extra. You’ll just have to content with making line changes.

  9. Phillip= Not happy.
    We are sooooooo screwed against that Caps. I hate sounding pessimistic, but Ovie recorded 10 points THIS WEEK ONLY. 7 goals 3 assist and a +6 rating. This guy is a monster.

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