Dumped By Detroit

The Canadiens showed life for five minutes in a sixty-five minute game, fall 2-1 to Detroit in overtime, and they grab a point whether they deserve one or not.

And how important that point might be.

This is the first of nine tough games in a row for the Habs, it’s make or break time, and if they don’t play better in most of the next eight, they just may find themselves outside looking in at a playoff spot.

It’s going to be a tough stretch, points will be tougher than John Ferguson to come by, and although they were flatter than a pancake in this first game after the Olympics, Brian Gionta gave his team a point when he netted one with 29 seconds left in the third and fans got at least a little bit of their money’s worth.

Detroit wasn’t great, but the Canadiens, at least until they woke up after the Gionta goal, were worse.

But it’s a point nonetheless. And now it’s Pittsburgh in a few hours.

We’ll see how this whole thing plays out in the next two weeks. But one thing’s for sure – they have to show more life than they did tonight or the fall won’t be pretty.

The pre-game introduction of Olympians and the crowd singing the anthem was a high. After that, things got very low.

Random Notes:

Brendan Gallagher, PK, and Alex Galchenyuk had their moments for a few seconds here and there. All in all though, no one did a whole lot of dazzling.

P.K. found himself in the box a couple of times for questionable penalties – one for a little swat, one for was was deemed a dive, and Peter Budaj came up big from time to time as Detroit outshot the Canadiens 30-20.

Not an overly impressive night to say the least.

Pittsburgh coming up.

16 thoughts on “Dumped By Detroit”

  1. Oh, that was some ugly. I’m looking hard for positives and the point for OT is the extent of the silver lining. I don’t like “chip’n’chase.” Therrian’s a major upgrade over Martin, but we can do much better (Carbo).

    I’m over Bourque, he needs to go. I’m real close to adding Eller to the list, too. If Markov can bring young talent, not picks, pack him up to.

    These next 10 days are huge. I think the future of our team will be foretold during this stretch. Do nothing and sink, we’re in trouble. Add youth and still stay in the hunt, I see a St. Catherine’s parade not too fat away. Add youth and drop like a rock, start wearing Oiler sweaters…

  2. The game—-oh well. The Pre Game show—–WHAT A CLASS ACT!!!!!!! The rendition of the anthem brought some tears. Good to see Babcock hug the womens team in the tunnel.

  3. What a comedown after the Olympics, eh? It really does appear to me as though Michel Therrien has morphed into Jacques Martin (in terms of his coaching style). What happened to the “Pressure, pressure, pressure!” philosophy about which he talked when he was first hired? I’d be willing to bet you that the results on the ice wouldn’t be any different, and if nothing else, the product would be a lot more exciting………..

  4. It was ugly Mike. Two shots in about an hour. No pressure. Yes, Bourque and others too can leave. Far too many nights when too many didn’t come to play. Eight more big games coming up and at this time, I’m not overly optimistic.

  5. There wasn’t one bit of pressure, Ian, except for some in overtime. It’s just unacceptable to see this. Detroit was a team for the taking and it looked like the Habs didn’t even care. So many nights watching this team where I need toothpicks to keep my eyelids open.

  6. I used those toothpicks last night, Dennis. But they cracked after twelve minutes of play, like my spirit. I went to bed.

    I was pumped after watching the fine quality of performance during the Olympics but reality set in last night. I honestly don’t think it’s the coach. You can’t make something out of nothing. You can when you’re new because change motivates a team but reality sets in, the adrenals calm and you’re left with status quo.

    **they need some of what Backstrom ingested.

    ** I miss the big ice surface.

  7. I don’ t know if Therrien is “THE” problem, but he is not (in my mind) part of the solution. Look, we can all express our fantasies about who should be traded, etc., but I honestly don’t see MB making a lot of moves. He doesn’t come across to me as the type of GM who likes to wheel and deal. We might see one or two players get traded, but that’s about it.

  8. Went to game last night and got a bad feeling that if M/T is still here next year Chucky’s growth as well as all other kids will be stunted. Maybe Crosby was lying when he said M/T was his best coach and knew what we were in for when we signed him. 3on3 in ot on home ice is tailor made for young fresh legs not responsible old defense guys vs the other teams young fresh legs. M/T got out coached again which should be no real surprise by now. I am confident in M/B and willing to wait and see if things turn around in the next couple of years but we need a better coach regardless of the language. Wins are good in any language so lets find someone who will give this team a chance instead of praying for a shootout. M/B has made mistakes but being cautious with our trades and draft pics is a good thing because in Trevor we trust. He needs to get rid of M/T and find a real coach like Tampa has (whom we could of had). Check out his resume and what he has accomplished at every level he has been at. I could go on for ever but last nights game stunk except for the pregame stuff which nobody does better than us.

  9. Good comments dra. The last thing we need is to see Chucky get wasted. He’s our big hope up front. And I agree, 3 on 3 is for young fresh legs. I still haven’t decided on Therrien. Sometimes I think he’s a good motivator, and other times I’d like to see him out of here. I find myself more often than not wanting him gone. It seems you come to Montreal often for games. One of these times if you get a chance, give me a call and we can talk hockey for a few minutes if you want.

  10. All I know, Ian and Marjo, is that they stand a real good chance to falling out of a playoff spot in the very near future, and what we saw from them last night is very disheartening.

  11. Ian, I’m not sure it’s about wheeling and dealing. It’s more that we have nothing to deal. We can all agree that MB salivates at the desire to have great players but how do you get them if:
    A) you dangle them with the likes of Bourque or Briere?
    B) they don’t want to come here for other* reasons?

    No one wants our worse players (who does?) and we’re not ready to part with the likes of Subban, Max, the Gallys

    I say we trade “the somewhere in the middle” Eller.

    *weather, taxes, language, crazy fans

  12. You make a fair point, Marjo–we would all love to see a few of these guys traded to other teams, but who would want them? No one is lining up to take Bouillon, Briere, Bourque, etc. I think that Gionta is somewhat marketable, and maybe Pleks as well. I was a huge Eller fan, as he seems to have “all the tools” to be a solid second-line player, but his growth as a player seems to have completely stopped. Maybe it’s Therrien’s fault, maybe it’s not. I have no idea. I just know that for the last three months now, he’s been negative while on the ice.

  13. @Ian, I couldn’t agree more about your comments re: MT, it’s looking more & more like Mr Valiums time behind the bench. Why not try & use the Scotty approach attack, they can’t score if you’re in their end all night!

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