Drives Me Nuts

I dunno, I’ve tried everything. I just can’t bring up the internet. I unplugged it and plugged it back in. I right-clicked it and turned the wireless off and on and banged on it and cussed at it, but no matter what I do, I can’t get online. Computers drive me crazy.

6 thoughts on “Drives Me Nuts”

  1. Maybe it’s just the net being down in your area due to repairs?

    Also make sure your router is plugged in/turned on. It may have been accidentally turned off. That’s happened to me a couple of times. Naturally I blame the computer and get all angry…and then I realize. Oops.

    The Bulldogs won tonight 4-1 over the Marlies. They have a rematch tomorrow night on TVA Sports and Sportsnet One at 7. I shall be watching it. I need my hockey fix so badly.

  2. Dennis Dennis Dennis. …. Your mouse is in the wrong USB port. C’mon man…you’re making all us bloggers look bad!

    Nice ‘Dogs start to the season, although watching them on the AHL web site is painful…you don’t realize the quality of NHL productions until you watch that.

  3. Habsdoc, yes, I moved the mouse to the other side and it seems to work. But how come there’s no sound?

  4. Darth, don’t forget about finding a cricket channel. When West Indies meets up with the Canary Islands, it’s classic mayhem. I guess Powell River lawn bowling is finished for the season, but maybe in Montreal you can find synchronized ice fishing!

  5. Darth, is TVA sports a different channel than normal TVA? I get TVA, but not TVA sports. I must have misunderstood your earlier comment. I was hoping to see the games, but no such luck.

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