Drink Lots Of Coffee At Those Senate Meetings, Jacques.

Jacques Demers will be pulling in $130,400 a year as senator in the Canadian Senate. And other than the fact it’s a job for his spare time when he’s not being the Howie Meeker of RDS televised Habs games, and aside from the $130,400, which isn’t chump change, the job probably sucks.

You only have to show up a few times times a year, but when you do, you have to consider bills to be passed, make the odd speech, try to stay awake, try not to fart, drink lots of strong coffee, form a commission or two, and quarrel with other senators, some who have been in the Senate since its creation in 1867. They say retirement age is 75 here, but most of the 75 year old senators are just snot-nosed kids. And lots of them act like kids.

I think Demers is going to regret it. Have a look at this clip below. It’ll help you sleep, and you’ll also get an idea of what Demers is up against.