Downed In Detroit

Getting mighty tired of writing these depressing titles. “Downed in Detroit”. “Bummer in Pittsburgh”. Not Enough From Habs in Toronto”. “What Was That?”

Maybe I should just say “Habs Score In Second Period!”

Much better.

Detroit 4, Canadiens 1. Another day of “we’ve seen them play better”. Several months ago.

Once again the boys lose, their third straight, and once again the entire hockey world is going to mention that Carey Price has allowed four goals in their last four road games, plus one before that in Montreal against New Jersey.

Carey Price isn’t the problem. It’s the twenty guys in front of him. And the guy in the suit behind the bench.

Honestly I don’t know what to say. I babbled long and hard after the the Pittsburgh game, and I could almost copy and paste and be done with.

They’re dazed and confused. Passes are off. Guys are out of position. They’re bumping into each other.

But I’m not going to rag on them. Instead, I’m going to try and show patience and hope like hell they snap out of such a miserable stretch of their season.

And if they don’t snap out of it and fall completely out of the picture, I’m still going to wake up in the morning and have my beer for breakfast, put on my cleanest dirty shirt, shave my face and comb my hair and stumble down the stairs to greet the day.

The Red Wings scored the lone goal of the first period with Brendan Gallagher and Alexei Emelin in the sinbin, and in the second it became 2-0 when Price had a puck blow by him. But Gally slipped one over the line on the power play to even the score, and that was their time to turn it up a notch and beat that big tall Swede in the Detroit net.

But it never came to pass, the Wings scored again and then another in the third on a three on one, and all we can do at this point is hope the teams sniffing our guys rear ends do a nosedive as well and our guys hang in and somehow make the playoffs.

It’s that depressing or what? And is that ever gross about the rear end sniffing.

Random Notes:

Price made some absolutely sparkling saves, particularly on Abdelkader and Smith in the second frame.

Alexe Emelin was hurt blocking a shot in the third and was helped to the dressing room.

Shots on goal – Montreal 31, Detroit 26.

Louis Leblanc and Michael Bournival played just over six minutes. Gionta had almost 19, Bourque 15.

Next up – Saturday night, when the Caps hit the Bell.




8 thoughts on “Downed In Detroit”

  1. Just like you, Dennis, anything I say is redundant at this point. The team has been playing like crap. It played like crap again last night. Carey Price should sue his teammates for lack of support.

  2. I listened to Michel Therrien’s post-game interview and he was basically saying everything is A-OK.

    What’s up with that?

  3. While fast-forwarding through the game, I noticed an empty-ish stadium. Detroit, what’s up with that?

  4. Every game it’s the same now, Ian, and aside from the Chicago one, it’s been like that for almost two months. Very disturbing.

  5. Danno, he must be living in a different world than the rest of us. Maybe he’s probably trying to convince Bergevin not to fire him. I’m really not sure about Therrien anymore, and as soon as I become owner, he’s gonzo.

  6. Marjo, I think it’s been that way in Detroit for several years now. The city’s bankrupt and I also think the Joe Louis Arena is in a tough part of downtown. It’s not a good time for Detroit fans I think.

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