Doug Loses To Doug Jr.

This is a nice 1960 commercial featuring Doug Harvey and son Doug Jr. playing a new table hockey game put out by Imperial Oil celebrating Hockey Night in Canada’s 25th year. The game could be bought for a whopping five bucks.

I spoke to Doug Jr. on the phone several years ago when he owned a restaurant in Charlottetown, and when I asked him what it was like growing up with such a remarkable dad, he said it was completely normal and just like any other family, except for the fact that Jacques Plante, Maurice Richard, Dickie Moore, Jean Beliveau and rest would come over for visits. Which is a little bit different than when the guys from my dad’s paint shop came over to our place after first stopping at the Legion for a few pops..

Big thanks to Beatnik for sending over this neat clip.

8 thoughts on “Doug Loses To Doug Jr.”

  1. What an amazing find! I wonder what Doug and the gang would think of the EA video games they have now. I have NHL 09 and it’s a total blast. The only thing is the realism isn’t up to par with reality.

    I’m on a line with Gomez and Gionta and Gomez has about 140 assists (!!!!) and 90 goals (!!!! x 1000). I’ve got like 112 goals and about 95 assists since I’m such a slacker.

    I’d still love to find that Habs Gapse commerical my family told me about.

  2. Darth, you’ve got to use your linemates more. How are you going to coach the Habs (with chair and beer behind the bench) if you don’t practice what you preach?
    Also, what’s a Habs Gapse?

  3. Gaspe is Gaspe Quebec. Oops. Just noticed I spelled Gaspe wrong. Must be the players’ wives distracting me.

    There was a commercial filmed back in the late 60s/early 70s on top of Perce Rock with one of the Habs in it. My uncles told me they thought it was the Roadrunner possibly. I want to see this commercial badly. I don’t know if it is him or another player though.

    Is it October yet Dennis?

  4. Darth that explains it, Gomez has been stuck playing in a video game for the last 3 years. No wonder he’s been a no show on ice. We need to send Kaberle into the game to get him out.

  5. Chris, if Gomez played like he did in this game he’d be in the Hall Of Fame while still playing. Makes Gretzky look like a chump.

    Some of the games end up being 19-3 and such. Obviously defence is still a problem.

  6. Darth, it’s not October and Gomez is still here. And I’m going to keep my good eye on the lookout for the Gaspe commercial.

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