Doug Harvey Said……

Quote from Doug Harvey when he was an assistant coach of the Houston Aeros of the World Hockey Association. He was speaking at a service club dinner in Houston and came out with…. “You goddamned dumb Texans, you wouldn’t understand this complicated game anyway.”

Doug may have had some problems (he was bipolar, which led to a drinking problem and some unusual behaviour), but he was one of the greatest players ever, a defenceman who controlled the play, who was loved by his teammates, and is generally regarded as the best blueliner ever, next to Bobby Orr.

Doug Harvey was and remains a big hero of mine. He passed away in 1989, and I hope his name is never forgotten as older fans fade away and new fans pick up the torch.

Doug loved his fans. His son, Doug Jr., told me a few years ago that when he was a kid, he would go to games with his mother and she would get angry with her husband because they had to wait around so long after games as he continued to sign autographs.

Young Doug had to get up early in the morning for school and she wanted to get home. But Doug Sr. made sure everyone who asked, got his autograph.



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  1. Hewt Dennis,Doug Harvey was a phenominal athlete,his hockeys skills were very innovative.I think that he was one of the best hockey players of his eraand that included the likes of Gordie Howe,Jean Beliveau,Rockey Richard,Bobby Hull,the list goes on and on.I often wonder what the Habs would have been like had J.C. Tremblay stayed with the team instead of jumping to the W.H.A.

  2. Derry, remember that bouncer from outside the blueline that he’d would score with about three times a year? He had it perfected. JC was a tremendous player, but probably tripled his salary by going to the WHA. One of the great Habs defencemen.

  3. Hey Dennis,I remember watching J.C. play for the Habs in the coliseum in Vancouver,would have had to have been in 71,before he went to the WHA.He was very talented and I was very impressed by his style and ability.I’m glad I got the chance to see him play live.

  4. After the Rocket, the one player I would have loved to see play was Doug Harvey. I’ve heard that he alone would often be able to shut another team down and control the flow of a game. I really wish I had seen him in action.

    I love the quote thought.

  5. Darth, DK will confirm that I’ve said in past posts if it was’nt for Doug Harvey’s style of play there never would have been a Bobby Orr. Doug was how Bobby emulated his style on defence!
    les Canadiens sont la!!!!

  6. Mike, both Harvey and Orr could slow it down or speed it up. They both controlled the play. I hope he’s not fogotten by future fans.

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