Doug Harvey, Doug Junior, And Little Stevie Harper

The black and white photo is of course the great Doug Harvey with his son Doug Jr., taken circa 1958. And the second one, in colour, is Doug Jr., all grown up and having a nice chat about his dad with Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

I talked to Doug Jr. on the phone a couple of years ago and mentioned to him that I had this picture of him and his dad and he told me it was taken when Doug was building his house and all the players –  Moore, Beliveau, Richard, Plante, and the rest, would come over and lend a hand, which I thought was quite cool.


Also, Kevin Hunter at The Hockey Writers sent me a real nice piece he’s written making a case for Doug Harvey being the best of all time. Have a look at Kevin’s very interesting Doug Harvey – Greatest of Them All

3 thoughts on “Doug Harvey, Doug Junior, And Little Stevie Harper”

  1. My lacrosse try-outs have been going on at the Doug Harvey Arena, which has a nice big plaque with a signed photo of Doug himself

  2. doug harvey, the man who invented the savardian spinarama. serge credits doug saying he copied harvey’s spin.

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