Doug Gilmour Shares His Passion For A Seventh Team And The Special Olympics

I’m a passionate advocate of removing hockey from non-hockey markets (like Phoenix), and bringing them to the cradle of hockey, Canada, where the sport runs through our blood like hot brandy on a freezing night by the old frozen pond.

This is a letter sent out by hockey legend Doug Gilmour, who also feels we need another NHL team in Canada. And Doug is also a strong supporter of athletes with disabilities, a cause which in my book is as important as it gets. I’m with Doug Gilmour all the way on this. On both counts.


Make It Seven fans,

I have had the privilege of playing for seven different NHL teams in my career.  The number has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?   

There are no greater hockey fans than Canadians and like you, I want to see a seventh NHL team in Canada.

Thursday I am in Toronto co-hosting the annual “Dougy, (Jim) Cuddy and Friends Celebrity Bowl” for Special Olympics, a bowling tournament that raises funds to support sport programs for people with intellectual disabilities across the country. Jim Cuddy and I are being joined by 50 celebrities from the sports and music worlds to support this important cause.  

Jim Balsillie shares my passion for sport and for Special Olympics. And I share his passion for a seventh NHL team in Canada.  So I am asking you to help us.

Please support Special Olympics by visiting  And of course, please keep signing up your friends to so together we can make it seven!

Doug Gilmour

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