Double Medals For Canadian Ladies

Canada won both gold and silver in women’s 2-man bobsleigh. It should be called 2-women bobsleigh but it’s not.

Kaillie Humphries of Calgary and Heather Moyse from Summerside PEI took gold, while Helen Upperton of Calgary and Shelley Ann Brown of Pickering captured silver.

I understand completely why so many great amateurs are from Calgary. It’s where most of Olympic training facilities are located. And it’s nice to see someone from Pickering, near Toronto and home of Mike Willianson and Christopher Cordahi, on the Olympic team.

And Prince Edward Island, that little jewel of an island province, a place that would be heaven on earth if there weren’t so many bad snowstorms.

Canada’s a great country.

Yay for these four ladies!!

Canada’s medal count of 7 gold, 6 silver and 2 bronze for 15 puts them in fourth place, behind the US, Germany, and Norway.

5 thoughts on “Double Medals For Canadian Ladies”

  1. Tonight, in honour of Shelley-Ann, I’ll happily accept being from Pickering where I finished high school and lived on and off for a few years. We even went to the same high school.

    Most days I prefer to think of myself as coming from the under appreciated great city of Hamilton.

  2. I appreciate Hamilton. Oski Wee wee. Mike’s also from Hamilton and now lives in Pickering. So the question is – are all people in Pickering originally from Hamilton?

  3. Also can’t forget the silver medal won the the women’s short track relay team.
    After all the wonderful results tonight, I didn’t think I could smile any wider, but seeing the Ti-cat cheer just stretched it a bit wider.

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