Don’t You Think The Coaches Could Have Spread Out A Little?

I want to tell you a very sad story, a story of pain and suffering, of heartache and frustration. I’m hoping this doesn’t ruin your day, but it probably will. Please be strong.

It was a while ago now, but I remember it clearly. I walked in to a Calgary Ticketmaster and asked about available tickets for the Habs in Edmonton. The lady looked at her book and said yes indeed, she had four, right behind the Edmonton bench. I don’t need to tell you that this was pretty well the best thing anyone has ever said to me. “Four seats right behind the bench.”

How could everyone have missed this? Poor suckers. Poor unfortunate and unknowing suckers who must sit higher up.

So my wife and I and the kids hopped into our minivan and drove up to Edmonton to see the boys play the Oilers, and we were going to be so close I could probably talk about the weather to Russ Courtnall or Ryan Walter as they skated nearby, and almost hear Patrick Roy chatting with his goalposts. It was going to be a terrific evening, a splendid evening, maybe the best evening of all the evenings ever spent.

We arrived at Northlands Coliseum during the warm up, and our seats were spectacular. Players were skating around and warming up just a few feet away. I felt sorry for those other fans higher up. They weren’t privileged like us, because we had the best seats in the house. Everyone was probably wishing they had seats like us.

How could I be so lucky? I patted myself on the back.

Close to game time, Oilers’ backup goalie Bill Ranford took his seat right beside my son, and I think my son looked at me like I was greater than Superman and Hulk Hogan. I’m sure I was. What other dad would find seats like this?

I immediately patted myself on the back again.

Then it happened. It all came crashing down. It still hurts when I talk about this, and when I think about it, it could have been different. Edmonton coach John Muckler, assistant coach Ron Low, and then a trainer all walked to the bench and took their places. Right in front of us. They even stood shoulder to shoulder so there wasn’t even a gap to look through. We had a great view of the stitching on their jackets. It was at that moment I think my kids stopped thinking I was Superman, and my wife started making divorce plans.

We didn’t see a thing except when play was far down at each end. I just think the coaches didn’t have to be so close to each other. A little space between them and we could’ve seen a few things in the middle of the ice.

Tickets were $35.74 each, along with restaurants and hotel. And I’m blaming the coaches. I figure Muckler owes me about $500.


Here's the sad evidence. I never noticed the part at the bottom that says "obstructed view" until about a month ago. Don't you think the coaches could have spread out a little?
Here's the sad evidence. I never noticed the part at the bottom that says "obstructed view" until about a month ago. Don't you think the coaches could have spread out a little?

16 thoughts on “Don’t You Think The Coaches Could Have Spread Out A Little?”

  1. That must’ve been a terrible day for you and the family.
    rather stay up in the nosebleeds than get blocked by the coaches.

  2. All the folks agree that this is terrible, this is the worst of the worst catastrophes in the world. Oh, the humanity!

  3. I’ll blame Ticketmaster for you. They probably charged you an extra $5 per ticket for the convenience of buying obstructed view seats that you didn’t want. It was with that money they turned into the giant international leach they are now. Based on their growth, they owe you a few thousand now.

  4. Chrisopher, speaking of “Leach”
    The Habs picked up Jay Leach off waivers today. he’s definitely gonna add some size, stacking up at 6″5

  5. Dennis;A few years ago i took my youngest son tosee the avs and the canucks,Bryce was a Patrick Roy fan and it ws the first time he ever watched his hero play live.The game was very entertaining,except this oriental girl(25,26)would scream at the highest ,loudest scream i ever heard everytime the canucks came near the puck,it definately put a major damper on the game,i wasnt impressed at all.I can understand your frustration sitting behind the coaches,just be thankfull Ken Hithcock wasn’t the coach.

  6. Another big D. Hopefully this will give Gill time for his injured leg to heal and then he can return healthy without embarrassing us. Too bad for Carle, he’ll probably be returned to Hamilton even though he played well according to all reports.

  7. These type of fixes aren’t good enough. We need one big push from an experienced and star player. I thought Bergeron was going to do it but I’ve changed my mind.

  8. This new Leach guy, isn’t gonna be much help apart from being big, i’ve neer even heard of him.

    And Dennis, Bergeron isn’t really known for being a good defenceman. I wasn’t expectng much from him on the defensive end, he’s just a temporary substitute for Markov, that’s all.

  9. So there’s probably not a lot to get excited about with this. Unless of course, he surprises us.

  10. Gainey has produced the perfect O/T team with the smurf’s ,,amazing

    Not sure if it will hold up all year ….

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