Don’t Get Your Hopes Up Too High About Little Johnny

Bob McCown, in his book The Hundred Greatest Hockey Arguments, gives us some cold hard facts on your kid’s chances of making the NHL.

“30,000 young boys born in 1975 entered Ontario’s minor hockey system.

Of those 30,000, just 232 were eventually drafted by an Ontario Hockey League team in their mid-teens.

Less than half of those players, 105, actually played in an OHL game.

Another 42 played in top tier US college.

47 wound up with NHL contracts after being drafted in 1993 or 1994, or signing later as free agents. 

Only 32 actually played an NHL game, and only 15 had more than one NHL season under their belts. At that time, only 21 were still on active NHL rosters and just six had met the NHL’s minimum standard of 400 league games for inclusion in the pension program.”

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