Don’t Forget The Corn Syrup, Mom

This is my Bee Hive collection from the 1944-64 series (Group 2).

Beehives were part of my youth and I would nag my mom to buy lots of Bee Hive corn syrup so I could remove the labels at the top and send them to the St. Lawrence Starch Company and get my free pictures.

The photos measure 5.5 x8 inches and some are extremely difficult to find. Over the years, more than a thousand different player photos were produced from three different groups –  Group one – 1934-43; Group two- 1944-64; and Group three -1964-67.

I’ve concentrated on Group two because it’s what I remember with great fondness from my childhood. And of course my collection is all Montreal Canadiens. There’s no way in the world I’d have an enemy Beehive in my house.

12 thoughts on “Don’t Forget The Corn Syrup, Mom”

  1. Damn Dennis. I’m back to seething with jealousy over your collection! Can’t wait to get my package in the mail next week. This is just an amazing collection. How many pancakes did you eat, and how many teeth did you rot to get all these gems? It was well worth it!

  2. I’m still trying to round up the ones I’m missing, Habby, but they’re few and far between, and getting more expensive.

  3. Hey! Dennis.
    I did the same.
    In 1962, the Bee Hive Corn Syrup Company announces that prior to Christmas should anybody supply 3 caps from Bee Hive Corn Syrup soft yellow plastic bottle, they would receive a set of 20 cards / Montreal Canadian Hockey Club players signature.

    I did receive in perfect order….my dad took the initiative to put away…I found the set SUPER MINT inside our family belongings when my mother died last August…I made investigation even at PSA: NOBODY KNOWS THE SET EVER EXISTED….I KNOW I HAVE THE ONLY SET….

    François BEAUDOIN
    Sherbrooke QC
    819 5752145

  4. Francois, that’s so intriguing. Can you please email me a photo of them if you don’t mind? I’d love to see them.

  5. I have tons of beehive and many doubles. I am interested in trades or just outright buying any of your extras. I have some group 1 and 2 habs and maroons as well as others.

  6. Hello, my father and myself used to collect these photo cards when we lived in Laval. We moved in the late 60’s to Ontario. My father kept these photo’s safe for me. I can remember placing them in an album with the little black corner picture tabs. I have about 80 all together with very few doubles.
    I am interested in know what value they really have or are they just valueable to collector’s of them?
    In group 2 I have the usual’s Geoffrion, Belivieu, Moore Plante, Harvey, Backstrom, Pocket Richard, Provost, Tom Johnson.
    Mostly Leafs and Bruins, because Dad was a Leaf Fan and I was a Bruins Fan…lol
    I liked your information here….Thanks

  7. Hi Reuben, mostly it’s the journeymen who are worth the most because not as many people wanted them as they did the Rocket and Beliveau and such. You’re lucky to have three teams, and many. I have about 70 Group 2 Montreal Canadiens, but I don’t have any Leafs or Bruins. I’d like to have Group 1 too. Can’t have everything.

  8. I know this post is dated but I am following up to learn more about any pictures or information about the 1934-67 promotion that is available. Any leads & information would be appreciated.

  9. I have over 200 double Beehives and my collection is now just over 800 individual. I would be interested in a trade if you have something I need and I have something you need. I have many of the group 1 Habs I know you would be interested in. COntact me and maybe we can do a trade

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