Don’s Premature Obituary

Recently I wrote about John “Chick” Webster, who played 14 games for the Rangers in ’49-50 and which can be seen here – Chick Webster.

Today it’s about his brother Don.

Don Webster, although a minor leaguer for most of his career, suited up for 27 regular season and 5 playoff games with the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1943-44, and as far as I know, he came out unscathed.

It was the following year, while with the Hershey Bears, when he almost died after being checked by the Buffalo Bisons’ Roger Leger, whose stick fractured and went up into Don’s abdomen. (Leger played for the Habs from 1946 to 1950).

As doctors worked on Don, reporters scrambled and wrote two stories – one if he lived and one if he died. Thankfully he lived, although sixteen pieces of stick were removed from his innards.

After Don recovered, he was given a copy of his obituary, which must have been a strange sensation to say the least.

Doctors got all but one piece, which was eventually found and taken out more than twenty years later in California where Don had retired to, and where he would eventually pass away in 1978.

Thanks to Don’s nephew Rob Webster for the pics and info.

Below, Don second from left.

Don Webster

dons injury 005

dons injury 007

Brothers John and Don in 1975

dons injury 002

3 thoughts on “Don’s Premature Obituary”

  1. Back In The 60s Vince Lombardi’s Green Bay Packers Had A Lineman Named Jerry Kramer. As A Kid Playing Around He Stepped On A Piece Of Wood That Speared Him In His Stomach Broke Off Into Pieces. Doctors At The Time (1940s ?) Thought They Got All The Wood Splinters. Years Later Playing For The Packers -JK Complained Of Soreness In His Mid-Section. Doctors Had A look & Found A Wood Splinter Missed Years Earlier When He Was A Kid. I Read About This In Jerry Kramer’s Book Which He Put Out In The 70s……

  2. Wow, Martin! I’m sure the Websters will be interested to hear this. It’s very similar to what happened to Don. Thanks.

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