Don’s Dressing Room Rant

On Coach’s Corner last night, Don Cherry went on about how women shouldn’t be allowed in men’s dressing rooms and the same goes for men in ladies’ rooms. It was quite a lively Coach’s Corner to say the least. And although many will say Don is wrong on this, I’ll bet there are plenty who agree with him.

I suppose women should be allowed into these smelly places, although I don’t know why they’d want to be. These are wretched places, with guys scratching themselves and doing the one-fingered nose blow as they fling tape into garbage cans, with filthy jock straps hanging near faces and unruly long johns lying on the floor that people have to gingerly walk over or around.

And I can well imagine many of these guys leaving their towels off on purpose when the ladies are trying to inquire about the limp power play and such.

I guess in this day and age it’s more of a normal thing to have women walking among naked, smelly guys hanging out all over the place. So I’ll say it should be allowed, although honestly, I’m not exactly sure. But equal rights are equal rights I guess.

As far as men being allowed in ladies’ dressing rooms, Ron MacLean was all for it, but I kind of feel that the majority of women changing their clothes in dressing rooms wouldn’t be all that nuts about it. Although with the men there, at least the ladies would have something to hang their towels on.

I’m glad my wife is a lousy athlete and I don’t have to worry about this.

And all I know is, when the time comes for me to cover the Women’s World Water Skiing and Cheerleading Championships, I’m going in the room. I’ll need the answers and quotes, and I’ll need them right away.

9 thoughts on “Don’s Dressing Room Rant”

  1. DK, a little off topic but I think it’s time for a little ditty by Annakin Slayde!
    les Canadiens sont la!!!!

  2. Annakin Slayde is definitely in order.

    Or maybe a lipdub of Loco Lacass by the kids at Montreal’s École Sainte-Madeleine-et-Sacré-Coeur.

    Lipdub Le But, Loco Locass – École Sainte-Madeleine-et-Sacré-Coeur

  3. I think availability should be up to the players. Either they make themselves available for questions while getting dressed or afterwards, delaying departure. Whatever the choice, the players’ and reporters’ genders shouldn’t make a difference. I have no problems with reporters being forced to wait, but not select reporters being forced to wait.

    Danno, that’s my favourite version of the song.

  4. What is this, the frickin dark ages? And what player lets himself be interviewed with it all hanging out? I mean come on, you’d need some big balls for that. I’m certain this would even feel a male reporter blush. And what if the reporter is gay, should he not be permitted in, Mr. Don Cherry?

  5. I’m re-thinking this whole Locker room/interview thing and ask?
    Why do we have to interview them in a locker room? Why not just wait till they smell nicely and are in another room. Another point is, maybe the player’s opinion need to matter most in this…

  6. Both opinions matter as the media needs those interviews to do their jobs. But your solution is a good one. The reason they do the interviews in the dressing room is to save the players time so they can get out earlier; they’re changing and being interviewed; two birds and one stone. As opposed to changing for X number of minutes and then having to spend additional minutes locked up in interviews after they leave.

    Perhaps the clubs could be given the choice on when they want to conduct them. But female reporters are here to stay.


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