Don Liked His Beer

Don Cherry was almost a Montreal Canadien.

Don suited up with Montreal’s minor league affiliate Hull-Ottawa Canadiens of the EPHL (Eastern Professional Hockey League) before the start of the 1962-63 season, with the program here showing him in the lineup for an exhibition game against the Boston Bruins.

His tryout with Hull-Ottawa didn’t last more than a few games. Sam Pollock took him aside one day and asked him to lay off the beer. Cherry said he wouldn’t, and was promptly shipped out.

Maybe it’s why he’s never been much of a Habs fan.


7 thoughts on “Don Liked His Beer”

  1. I think he still likes a beer! Only realized the actor from Letterkenny and 19-2 Jared Leto played Cherry in the 2010 mini-series on CBC – Keep Your Head Up Kid: The Don Cherry Story.

  2. My father and I had season tickets to the Sudbury Wolves (EPHL) and saw Cherry play for Sudbury one season. We were, however, Hull-Ottawa Canadien fans.

  3. That year I was attending the University of Ottawa. I took some classmates one night to a game, hoping to introduce them to Terry Harper whom I’d played an exhibition game against the year before in Regina. When Terry came off the ice he remarked, “Glad you come to see me play.” In jest I replied, “huh, in your dreams.” In that game I’d played against him, he checked me over the boards and into the second row bleachers. He was one tough hombre that guy Terry. I don’t even recall seeing Cherry play.

  4. Don Cherry….man I remember him being interviewed on many occasions back in the times that our once mighty team and his Bruins were hated rivals by fans and players. He was a tough loud mouth coach and pushed the intimidation side of hockey. I also enjoyed that time in hockey. Didn’t really like the line brawls or bench clearing but hockey was very entertaining back then. A good fight brought on by passion is still a great things but it is very rare these days. The day of the lawyer has taken over and it will never change for the best. Anytime money is involved nothing good comes of it in general.

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