Don Kelcher Got It Done

Nice, interesting story about Don Kelcher, a member of the Orillia’s 1973 Allan Cup-winning team, Kelcher Big Part of Allan Cup Win, sent to me from two fine Orillians Ron Green and Don McIsaac, although Don lives in Houston, Texas now. His heart’s still in Orillia though.

It seems the Orillia coach Joe Kane (no relation) quit early in that historic season, Kelcher found himself in the role of player-coach, and ended up taking his gang to the promised land.

(Speaking of people named Joe Kane, my father and his two brothers were all named Joe Kane, so they had to go by their middle names to avoid confusion).

2 thoughts on “Don Kelcher Got It Done”

  1. So your dad could legitimately say, ” Hi my name’s Joe, this is my brother Joe, and my other brother Joe.

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