Don Cherry – Mr. Smooth

I was at the library and saw Don Cherry’s new book called “Don Cherry’s Hockey Stories and Stuff,” so I decided to take it out. It’s a collection of very short stories, and much of it consists of Don’s experiences in the minor leagues.

Like this story. And don’t blame me, I’m only the messenger.

“It was the afternoon of a game in Calgary between the Spokane Comets and Calgary. We’re in the elevator – three players- and on the way down, two girls get on.
Well, the girls are laughin’ and gigglin’ and we know what’s happening. They’ve come from some players’ rooms. Let’s say they were not the nicest girls.
We don’t say nothin’. We’re on the way down and one guy there was very sensitive about his hair. He wore a fedora and he was bald.
One of the girls grabbed his hat and lifted it up and says, “Look, Sue, another baldy.”
Well, she embarrassed the guy. He was a good guy and, like I said, he was a very sensitive guy.
So I said to them, “Well girls, that’s the way the world is. That’s nature. He’s bald and he can’t help it. It’s like you. You’re pigs and you can’t help it.”

5 thoughts on “Don Cherry – Mr. Smooth”

  1. And Don Cherry is a —— ——- and he can’t help it.
    (I’m sure you are all smart enough to fill in the blanks)

  2. hey Dennis;Yes he was gruff in saying that,but some women can be very trying because they get away with it , and have all kinds of people condeming a persons comments even though they had deserved it.Don’t judge Don by that comment,cause all the details aren’t included.

  3. Hi Derry, oh, I’m not offended or surprised or anything like that. It’s just Don, and it had that crazy ending to it. But believe me, I’m not offended. And I like Don. He was just a bit out of line, that’s all. And it was slightly funny to boot.

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