9 thoughts on “Don Cherry Just Won’t Shut Up About PK”

  1. Regretably, I agree with Don’s comments. PK has the potential to be a “great” player in the NHL but he is still a “yearling” and hasn’t reached that thoroughbred status yet. He has to be patient and it will come. This is the big league now and not the farm league he’s playing in. As Don said: He’s got to earn that respect.

  2. this is a different league now. guys 19,20,21 are coming in and making major impacts almost immediately. there dosen’t seem to be that work your way up thing going on. for better or for worse, that is the road the powers that be have paved………. a couple of years ago cherry was on about crosby the same way. don is a good hockey man and knows players and hopefully he says what he says because he cares about pk rather than trying to hold on to some player code which no longer exists.

  3. Hobo I concur with you sentiments especially about caring for PK. Don says he’s watched him for many years but for some reason notices something out of character. Don didn’t call him down, he just said slow down.

  4. I don’t understand why Don Cherry keeps his mouth open. Obviously, PK’s doing something that’s getting on the nerves of veterans, but it’s also working. Let him be and let him do what’s working for him.

  5. Phil, Don likes to hear himself. He probably goes home and watches himself on Coach’s Corner five or six times.

  6. Oh please. If PK wore the Blue and White (and he would probably vomit at that notion) Don Cherry would be praising him with every slurred ounce of his semi-ability to speak.

    The old boys mentality. And no, I don’t agree with him on this. And PK can back it up.

    And frankly PK speaks and acts more like a veteran than Captain Leadership who spends most of his time hiding from the press or whining about something after hitting players from behind with the League approved free-pass in his back pocket.

  7. I sure don’t agree with him either, 31. Don just likes to talk, and once he gets something in his head like PK, he can’t give it up, especially after Mike Richards reinforces his theory.

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