Don Cherry Conservative? Go Figure.


Don Cherry says it should be a Boston-San Jose final, that Vancouver should go quite a ways, and Boston is the best in the east. “I don’t see how Montreal has a chance,” he says. “They had nobody in the top 40 scoring, and they had 50 more goals scored against. Boston in five, maybe six.”

Don still holds a grudge because his Bruins, for the most part, couldn’t handle Montreal when he was coaching. And predicting Boston and San Jose isn’t exactly going out on a limb, considering Boston won the east with 116 points, and San Jose the west, with 117 points. I never thought Don would be so unimaginative. 

And regarding the photo, Don belonged to the Leafs for a good part of the 1960’s but didn’t quite have the tools to crack the lineup. But he probably ended up with more money than all the players put together.

(Photo borrowed from the pages of  ‘Forever Rivals – The Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs – James Duplacey and Charles Wilkins.)

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