Dominic Moore Impresses. Plus…..Another Contest Because It’s All About You

The more I see Dominic Moore, the more I understand why Habs GM Pierre Gauthier signed him.

Moore is a player who not only checks the opposition into the ground, but also possesses good hands, as was witnessed when he notched the winner in game seven against the Capitals. He’s a smart player, a good skater, doesn’t mind getting his nose dirty, and can be dangerous around the net. And he’s not only smart on the ice. The guy went to Harvard for gawd’s sakes. 

The only way most NHL players would go to Harvard would be if they took a bus tour.

I wasn’t sure why we wanted him. Now I know. In fact, Moore has picked up the slack left by others such as Glen Metropolit and Andre Kostitysn, who have been relatively quiet lately. I wondered why he’d bounced around from team to team, and I concluded he was just another journeyman with a brother Steve, who was involved in the infamous Todd Bertuzzi sucker punch incident that broke Steve’s neck. But a contract dispute sealed Dominic’s fate in Toronto, and things just never took off elsewhere. And elsewhere means New York, Pittsburgh, Minnesota, Toronto, Buffalo, and Florida before he became a Montreal Canadien. Now it seems he’s found a home.

Good move, Pierre Gauthier..


I know we’re in the midst of the Habs’ magical mystery tour, but I want to slip this in. Because I want good things to happen to you.

You’ve been complaining for years about how you never win anything. “I never win anything,” you complain. Well, I’m trying to change that. It’s why we have contests here! And this is number four!

The story begins with Hockey Canada setting up an online store to sell Hockey Canada products. It’s a place where one can buy the same jersey as the ones being worn by Team Canada in the World Championships beginning soon in Germany. There’s lots of stuff – Team Canada clothes, signed Bobby Orr Team Canada photos, Team Canada golf bags, and my personal favourite – a Team Canada rubber ducky.

This place, Hockey Canada simply wants more people to know about it, and have offered a $100 gift certificate here on my site that we can turn into a contest. A hundred bucks!

Just mention in the comments section of any of my posts, something that’s for sale on the Hockey Canada website and I’ll put the names in the hat and draw one. So click on the Hockey Canada link above, pick one, and tell me. It’ll take you about twenty seconds.

Kind of like the good old “Leafs Suck” and “Bring Home the Cup” contests that we’ve had recently. But this one’s $100.

The contests just keep rolling along. Sooner or later it’ll be your turn to win, and you can say the only time you’ve ever won anything was on Dennis Kane’s blog.

67 thoughts on “Dominic Moore Impresses. Plus…..Another Contest Because It’s All About You”

  1. Well, I like hats! I saw an awesome Canada Champion 2010 hat on the Hockey Canada site.

  2. Someone should send one of those Vancouver 2010 Team Canada – Champion Hats to Ovie. At least he can feel like a winner

  3. Too bad they didn’t have Team Canada false teeth so Ovie could get that gap fixed. Good luck, Mr Hab.

  4. I actually really like the looks of those Team Canada glasses. They look perfect for Rum and Cokes on the porch this summer!

    And right on about Moore, I’ve been telling my friends the same thing since the end of the season. I really hope we sign him in the summer.

  5. Ethan, I haven’t had a good old rum and coke in years. It’s always just beer. Maybe I should just for fun.

  6. Awesome game tonight and an awesome T-shirt with GOLD on the front on the Team Canada website Dennis!!!!

  7. That Vancouver 2010 Olympic Team Canada Replica Jersey – Red would look really good on me, while I hold my Habs flag and walk down Young St in TO

  8. I wonder if that Hockey Canada golf bag would help my game. I would love to find out!

  9. Dan, good luck with the contest. And if I was back in Orillia, I’d go down to TO and walk with you down Yonge St.

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