Doing What You Ask

We’re in Redding, California, three hours up the road from San Francisco, and while at the City by the Bay, we of course visited Alcatraz.

Darth had asked me to put Scott Gomez there, and so I did. Hey, whatever you guys want, I’m here to please.

Here’s Gomez’ mug shot. I’m hope everybody’s happy now.

In other less important news, the Rangers went up two games to one over Ottawa by blanking the Sens 1-0, Boston also took a two to one lead by beating Washington 4-3, and St. Louis did the same with their 4-3 win over San Jose.

While on Alcatraz, I saw a guy wearing this absolutely despicable Bruins jacket that had “Stanley Cup Winner” in huge letters on the back. He also was wearing a Bruins hat. It had to be the ugliest jacket I’ve ever seen and I was hoping he’d try to make the swim from the prison to shore.




3 thoughts on “Doing What You Ask”

  1. Why thank you Dennis. This proves you’d make one of the best GM/StickBoy/Player’s Wives Assistants ever. Got right to my request without hesitation. Thanks!

    I’m surprised that Bruin fan didn’t ‘accidentally’ fall into the water.

    You may be happy to hear that your good friend Marchand got speared in a very sensitive location last night.

    Blair Mackasey has been added to the official list of possible GM candidates. Good stuff!

  2. Hobo, he’s a smiler on the ice, on the bench, and in the joint. But he might not be smiling for very long.

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