Doing The Right Thing With Luke Schenn

A couple of weeks ago I was very hard on young Leafs defenceman Luke Schenn Shocking Admission from Luke Schenn because he had no idea about the Beatles and couldn’t even name any of them. I was quite upset about this.

But lately I’ve been doing some re-thinking, and I’ve decided I feel terrible about this. He’s young. He’s a Toronto Maple Leaf. Not everyone must know the names of the Beatles. And because I feel bad about the way I treated this young Leaf, I’ve decided to just fill him in a little bit about this band that was so many years ago.

The names of the Beatles, Luke, are John, Frank, George, and Curly. They came out of Liverpool in the early 1960’s, originally as a polka band, but when they saw how young people there were enjoying Elvis and Lawrence Welk and the rest, they changed directions and started playing  louder accordian and guitar stuff at Moose Lodge’s in and around Liverpool, going by the name of Curly and the Three Guys.

The band broke in America after they sang the national anthem at Madison Square Gardens before a Rangers-Canadiens tilt, and Rangers fans squealed with delight at the sight of Curly and the others being silly, yet hitting the high notes with funny Liverpudlian accents. Afterwards, the band promptly changed their name to the Beatles when they saw John Ferguson beat the daylights out of Harry Howell and admired the whole “beat” idea.

The Beatles (aka Curly and the Three Guys) split up in 1970 and went their own way. They’ve never been heard of since.

Hope this helps, Luke. I’ve been feeling quite bad lately about all this and I think I feel much better now.

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