Doing Lines

Hockey Inside Out reported yesterday that Michel Therrien is going to put Max Pacioretty with Brendan Gallagher and Alex Galchenyuk, and place Brandon Prust with Erik Cole and David Desharnais.

That’s fine. Max might be a good fit for the kids, adding some size and puck skill, and maybe Prust will provide some spark and sandpaper for his new partners. Gotta try something. The season’s almost over.

It’s just too bad though, that the line that had so much chemistry, Max with Cole and Desharnais, hasn’t worked out as planned. It’s disappointing. It was the one line, last year at least, that couldn’t be tampered with, the one that we could rely on seeing fine and exciting things from. It was nice to have a big line. It made me think we almost had a good team.

But that was then. This year, Cole has a lousy two goals and two assists, Desharnais isn’t much better at three and two, both in eleven games, while Max has managed six assists and not one goal in his seven games. These are not numbers we expected from the so-called big line, the line without a cool name like the Punch Line or Kid Line. Maybe that was the problem. They began to go downhill because they didn’t have a good name.

Therrien probably didn’t expect these low numbers either. So he’s trying something different, and we can only keep our fingers crossed that things will click, the kids will love playing alongside Max, and Cole and Desharnais get the message and turn things up a notch or two. Although the kids might be taking their life in their hands playing near Max, who’s so unlucky he’s bound to have an Acme safe fall on his head at some point.

On another subject, it’s not hard to see what the difference in Rene Bourque has been. Bourque is now moving his feet like he’s doing the Quickstep, it seems he’s overcome all that he had to overcome, like the abundance of beautiful Montreal women which surely had affected his groin area, and we see that the guy can really motor and be a dangerous presence. It’s great to see. He was so ineffective last year, almost Colby Armstrong-like, but it seems it’s all in the past now.










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  1. 2013 training camp to end tonight.

    The run to the playoffs starts this evening. Our training camp ended last Saturday night against the Leafs. It has taken up to now for the players and coaches to get to know each other and implement the new Bergevin_ Therrien rebuilding philosophy.

    For the months of Oct. Nov. & Dec. the coaches and Bergevin got in many nights watching all talent and the coaching in Hamilton, in order to know who was ready to bring to Montreal once this short season got under way.

    Now that we have had 1 month of playing NHL hockey, or as I refer to it, 1 month of training camp. It is now up to the coaches to put this team into the sprint to the playoffs. Every point in the standings is critical to earn every night, if we are to make an appearance in the first round.

    So as this team prepares itself for the future, through the draft and development of its own talent, which will take many years. They must still put a half decent product on the ice in order they don’t get booed out of town.
    It is all about the coaches for the rest of the year now. The coaches have to put players together that will give each player and the club an opportunity to be successful every shift. They must find ways to motivate and prepare game plans to defeat various styles of opposition clubs each night. If not the trade deadline is fast approaching.

    It has been a revolving door on the coaching staff office over the last to many years. We are about to witness how this new Therrien era, is going to bring this proud franchise back to respectability and competing for the Cup and most importantly, the paying customer, that has been far to patient over the years.

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  2. Excellent, Ian. We’ve seen the good, bad, and ugly in these eleven games, and now it;s time to show that this is an improvement over last year. They need to get back on track pronto, beginning with both games in Florida.

  3. the 3 other habs fans in Orillia were seen Sunday wearing a bag over their face reading [ bite me ,] after leafs dropped them in every way 6- 0 with all the teasing i take when habs beat the leafs , it is time to reply

  4. Mel, there’s more than three Habs fans in Orillia. There’s at least 11 or 12.
    You and Coop and Ron Green have to buy me a beer to make me feel better.

  5. i think after that game u should have drank a keg of dow porter or during it. lmao.oh i forgot Tex Howard and Vince Kyle. that makes 5 and i think two moved away after the game, or at least they have not been seen since sat . night

  6. I thought Orillia hab’s fans would at least equal Leaf fans. It takes at least 25 Leafs fans for every 1 Hab fan to play even.

  7. I now believe that PK’s days are numbered in Montreal.

    For what ever the reason, Bergevin and Therrien do not like him. I think they feel he will upstage people if they let him play his game! This is so obvious that it is shameful.

  8. Ian, I’m still waiting to see if it might be some serious rust still on him. But for sure, he’s not playing the way we’ve become accustomed to. Very conservative, and that’s not PK.

  9. PK will leave if this continues, I know him well, and it will be another 15 years trying to replace him.!!!

    Hal Gill had a great quote when he was here saying that the problem is everyone is trying to change P.K., but he is who he is and you can’t change him.
    Whether you like him or not, the kid can play. He’d be a huge star in a big American market.

    Do we want that?, or will Therrien get his ego under control long enough to play the kid properly.

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