Doing In Toronto What Should Have Been Done In Montreal


The Montreal Forum sits as some kind of multiplex theatre/bowling alley/arcade now, with all its tender moments and memories left behind, only to be found in our minds, books and old film clips.

Who decided to do this? Turning the beautiful old shrine into some kind of thing you’d usually see in the suburbs is criminal, sad, outrageous, and heart-breaking.

And to drive the point home even more, Maple Leaf Gardens is about to undergo extensive renovations to bring the old barn back to much of its original charm and beauty, including a version of the old clock with new digital workings. Renovating the Gardens.

And it’s being done by a Habs fan.

They’re doing it right in Toronto, and I don’t know if I can ever forgive those in Montreal who turned the heart and soul of the city into an amusement centre.

17 thoughts on “Doing In Toronto What Should Have Been Done In Montreal”

  1. Dennis, don’t underestimate everyone’s ability to screw things up. Disasters will happen if the funding disappears or the renovation is rushed to meet the deadline.

    Do you know where the Loblaws will be? Will the arena floor be raised to put a store below?

  2. It’s quite a sad sight to see the old Montreal Forum now, A large Habs logo sits on the floor, then the rest is just randomness, they had an arcade and there’s still a cinema. Just hard to believe that such a historical place has become something useless.

  3. The Forum is a half-decent entertainment complex, that could definitely have retained a lot more Habs history than it does, but what’s even sadder is what’s happened to the neighbourhood around it. Tons of abandoned buildings and stores that look like they might be gone tomorrow.

  4. That is too bad, Rookie. The whole area oozes history – the Forum, the Richard Riot along Ste. Catherines, Toe Blake’s Tavern. Why is it so abandoned around there now?

  5. It says Loblaws will be on the main floor. I’m not sure what that means. I also think the Ryerson hockey team may be playing their games there.

  6. Tragic, fan all my life, never been to see a game, but my vision of hockey history certainly doesn’t look like a Loblaws, what’s the reasoning? anyone know?

  7. These old rinks aren’t big enough anymore, D. They don’t have enough luxury boxes etc. and money-wise, it didn’t make sense to continue. Teams need 20,000 seats, not 17 or 18,000. But the Forum and the Gardens are prime real estate, so alternatives needed to be found. Like entertainment centres and Loblaws. It’s very sad but time marches on. Even Jean Beliveau said the Forum didn’t cut it anymore.

  8. I understand they had to move into a new building, just wondering why they couldn’t preserve some of the great history with the old Forum, they could have made it the best shrine of all time in any sport, not to mention the tourist $$ they could reap.

  9. You’re so right, D. They could have really done a nice job. It wouldn’t be hard to preserve some of the memories. There were lots. Yes, it’s tragic.

  10. D, there are things in place also. They’ve left a few seats, and there’s images and an ice-like floor. Just not nearly enough. The Bell Centre has a Habs museum though.

  11. I just don’t get it, I know they don’t want to take attention from the bell centre, but, there is nothing to stop them for truly appreciating the past.
    I still revere Lafleur, and no matter what, there will never be a player that excited me so, it’s just a shame that’s all

  12. They could’ve have done something better. Like maybe a Montreal Canadiens Hall of fame all together.
    And maybe they can show short films of the Habs in separate rooms.

    They clearly didn’t think this through.

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