Does CBC Stand for “Coddling Bob Cole” Or “Conniving Budget Cuts?”

CBC’s strange yet true decision to axe the Hockey Night in Canada theme song shouldn’t really be a surprise, should it? It’s all about $500 a pop. In their world, 500 bucks is more important than tradition. Can you see ABC/ESPN telling football fans they’re moving Monday Night Football to Sunday to save money?  

You should see the digs the CBC is in in downtown Toronto. Just a stone’s throw from Gretzky’s eatery. With a lease arrangement for the property that must be through the roof. If they want to save money, forget the 500 bucks, just move to Oshawa. There’s a GM plant there that should be empty pretty soon.

It’s a little like 2005 when they fired one of hockey’s best play-by-play guys, Chris Cuthbert. It was budget cuts, they explained. Viewers were livid, wrote nasty letters, and swore they’d never watch hockey again. But head sports lady Nancy Lee didn’t care. Chris Cuthbert goes and Bob Cole stays. The decision was made, regardless of the possibilty that Ms. Lee might have been on a major acid trip at the time.

CBC didn’t care then, and they don’t care now. They’re saving 500 bucks a week. It’s all about the bottom line, as small as it might be. It was a choice. 500 bucks, or music that heralded our hockey game on Saturday night for the last 40 years. The 500 bucks won.

And they figure because we’re Canadian, we’ll put up a fuss now, complain until the season starts, hate the new prize-winning song the first week, then it’ll all be forgotten, we’ll move on, and live happily ever after.

You know, they’re probably right.

5 thoughts on “Does CBC Stand for “Coddling Bob Cole” Or “Conniving Budget Cuts?””

  1. Thanks for that Tom. I guess she wants what owed to her. I think that if CBC owes her this, then they should pay it.
    Regardless, thanks.

  2. DK,

    Not surprised by this development – part of our self-cannibalization. Oh yeah, talk about a country convulsing and turning on itself and you’re talking about Canada. The tune like it or lump it, is a unifying element, a bond that people share across the country that not only encourages but affirms people in their identity as `Canadian’. LOL, of course the ideologues – such as those that have seized control of the CBC – could care less about this, indeed, they would be happy to see this chopped as an archaic residue of a by-gone era that, after all, really is not in `tune’ (hehe) with today’s brand-new all-fragmented country, a country that has a `Commitment to Diversity’ meaning whatever the ideologues want it to be. And get this, they bill Hockey as A People’s Game. LOL. This isn’t about money but about a socio-political agenda that has been conceived and implemented by the usual suspects – the self-proclaimed visionaries who `know best’, aka, power smurfs and liars supreme. Again, so what if the woman is suing the CBC so what if she wanted? more. To try and hide this crass assault on a `tradition’ behind cost-effectiveness is bs but then, they know this, hence the grins and smirks of the CBC smurfs who are pretending to be oh-so-concerned.

  3. DK,

    Just checked out that so-called `good story’ … ha! It’s a no-story, nada about anything other than the very obvious fact that the CBC and their smarmy shill Moore had already predetermined the course they were going to follow. Wow! How exciting – a CBC reality show featuring a `creative’ contest to intro Canada’s Game. LOL. The cynical posture and smug spin suggests that the illuminated puck will soon follow – in the name of national unity, of course – which will, I am sure mightily please the Dalai Lama although I suspect he doesn’t drink Cdn beer rather probably knocks back tins of Bud Lite.

  4. Resonse to Tom’s post,she’s suing because CBC allowed Bell,Roger’s etc to allow you me everyone to download it as a ring tone without consent or renumeration !
    Les Canadiens Sont La
    Cheers; M.W.

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