Dodger Stadium

Big outdoor game at Dodger Stadium tonight between the Kings and Ducks and I know, I’m terrible person. What else could I be when deep down inside me I hope someday the ice melts at one of these outdoor games.

It’s goes against all the raving about how great these spectacles are. I don’t why I’m like this. I deserve to be pricked with a Polo Lounge swizzle stick.

Somehow they can make and maintain NHL ice in 70 degree weather. Some rinks, like the Bell Centre, don’t have room on the bench for the backup goalie. But they can make ice at Dodger Stadium.

It took awhile, 50 years in fact, but I finally saw a ball game at Dodger Stadium two summers ago, in 2012. Talk about crossing something off the bucket list.

When I was a kid I thought Los Angeles was just one big ‘Leave It To Beaver’ set, with peaceful, crime-free and clean streets, where bikini-clad Annette Funicello-types danced around bongo-playing surfers on nearby beaches, and where everybody’s houses were nicer than my house.

It took me a few years but I found out I was slightly off on all this.

But I always knew, without question, that the ballpark was the real deal.

I originally wanted to go to Dodger Stadium mostly, I think, because there were palm trees in the background, behind the outfield bleachers. And I guess the fact that the team had Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale back then, along with speedy Maury Wills, big 6’7″ Frank Howard at first base, and kindly old Walter Alston calling the shots. That was then, but long after these guys had called it quits, the place still held huge mystique for me. And I finally went.

Dodger Stadium is a real big-league ballpark, a beautiful place to see a game, unlike that cavernous echo chamber in Montreal named Olympic Stadium. Maybe if Montreal had the stadium L.A. has, the Expos might still be there.

On the night we were at the place, which is also called Chavez Ravine, the Dodgers were trying to catch the Cardinals for a NL wild-card spot, but the Cards disappointed most of the 43,309 fans by squeaking out a 2-1 win and making things very difficult for the Dodger’s postseason hopes. But being given nice fleece Dodgers blankets on our way in softened the blow, and the seats, somewhat.

6 thoughts on “Dodger Stadium”

  1. I’m actually looking forward to this game. I enjoy the spectacle of the outdoor games, but more importantly, at least in this case, I am looking forward to seeing two very good hockey teams meet up. You know, something we haven’t seen in Montreal in about 20 years.

  2. Makes me sick. Such a great Disney-spin-money-making event with people in the stands who don’t get it. Making a mockery out of a sport that has a cultural meaning.

  3. Looks like you had great seats to the ball game Dennis. How did you score those ducats and do you remember what you paid for them?
    My father in law is a life time Cardinals fan and he makes the roadie every year to see them play in an American ball bark.Went tp PMC in Pittsburgh last summer and saw 3 games over 2 days. The Cards lost all 3. He should have stayed for game 4 as they waxed the Pirates 8-0.

  4. Jim, we paid 60 bucks and we got them the day of the game at the box office. They were just down the line past third base and about 20 rows up. I was very happy with them, although I would’ve liked to have been a bit closer to home plate.

  5. Christopher, it’s always bugged me how away the seats are, but I guess I have no reason to bitch as I’m not the one sitting there. But it’s a long way away in many areas.Three or four times (I’m guessing) what the distance to the top of the nosebleeds would be at a normal rink.

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